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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Comfort women? No, they are prostitutes (2)

The reason more and more Japanese get rightish after they become adolescent, as far as I can tell, is due to flood of books or internet. On the contrary, those who only watch TVs tend to have an opposite historical perspective.

Here's a case in point on the issue of "comfort women" or "sex slaves" alledgedly accused by South Korea. They have been condemning Japan for Japanese military forcing Korean women to have sex with soldiers during WWII. Abe made an objection in March 2007 with support of silent majority of Japan, stating "no coercing them into sexual conducts". Why is he so confident? How have Japanese been getting a "wrong" idea of justifying its atrocities? Were those comfort women really prostitutes? I'll show one of the most influential books written by Kobayashi Yoshinori, who is known to be a right-winger. Actually it's a comic book, which by the way you may guess was very influential. I cut two pages out of his book on the description of the "prostitutes" he calls, so please enjoy it with my translation.

I learned a valuable lesson from him this time. The prosecutors against Japanese government is stunningly hiding those facts:
1) The pimps were Korean.
2) Japanese military brought whorehouses under control to protect human rights of comfort women from pimps.
, which I have never heard from the accusing side. Why don't we take them into consideration and discuss this matter again?

The auther, Kobayashi, asked, for an insight, a note, 武漢兵站 (Bukan Heitan), written by an assistant manager of one of the controversial facilities. Wnen the assistant manager was dispatched to Wuhan (a city of central china), he found pimps who entered the castle and were coercing Korean women into sex slaves with no payment(↓).

He brought the pimps under control and made them pay to the Korean women so they can pay back as Japanese pimps did to Japanese comfort women. Those Korean women had debt of 6~7 thousand yen on average. Therefore, he set the payment to 4~500 yen a month, which would allow them to be released in one and a half year at the most. He also instruct the pimps to let the women work if they want even after their debt is gone so they can earn profit before going back to their hometown. (↓)

Kobayashi, the glassed rightist points out that the engagement by Japanese military was to improve human rights of those women who used to be literally "sex slaves"(↓).

Kobayashi secondly picked another private note, Kankou Ianjo(漢口慰安所), which describes various episodes about what was going on in the same city, Wuhàn. The command center of logistics the auther worked at not only kept the facility under control but also protected those "comfort women" from undue exploitation by pimps. He founds several brutal cases made by Korean pimps. When they collected Korean women from poor villagers, they didn't make any documented contract for those women. In other words, they freely used the women and threw them away as a slave. This means the women never get to have chance to go back, but they didn't seem to be aware of the fact. The doctor Fujisawa, the author of the note, ordered the pimps to create due bills for them and made a system in which the women can be free as soon as they pay it back. (↓)

A comfort women, who was named Keiko as her professional name, was very popular and made 30,000 yen at once. This amout corresponds to $400,000 nowadays. Her dream was to earn 50,000 and run a restaurant in her hometown, Keijo (Old name for Seoul). "What an admirable woman," said Chief Ikeda, and he handed her a testimonial.(↓)

The thirty fourth Division landed on Wuhan in 1939. Suddenly the busy days have come for those women and they started to earn a lot with the soldiers lined up. (↓)

When soldiers were about to take off their shoes, women urge them to come soon, "Don't take off your equipment and come on now." (↓)

So, the soldiers walk on their knees and do it anyhow with their shoes and leather leggings on.(↓)

The ball was in women's court. Soldiers typically squeeze out their little savings.(↓)

The women worked hard saving time for cleansing their virgina. When the doctor checked them, their labia were swallen. He ordered them to take a rest for three days, but the women ...(↓)

But the women started to protest against him instead of being relieved! Their logic was as follows: "Recently we were leading pretty dull days with few customers. Now that we are finally having a perfect chance to earn a lot with a big division passing this city, we have to earn as much as possible. It's very cruel to force us to overlook this opportunity."
The rule defines the fee as 1 yen for thirty minutes, but the women changed the rule: they kick the customers out with 2 and a half yen for 10 to 15 minutes. (↓)

Kobayashi now questions, "so, the true story was like this, and how can you conclude that rapes were going on or they were slaves?"(↓)

It's just universal. There are women to earn money and horny men to buy women.(↓)

"Those soldiers should be blamed anyway, those Japanese soldiers!" Such people yelling like this are typically military segregationists. They just don't like whatever Japanese military do. I (Kobayashi) hate "leftists" who hate Japan, government, and military, even though those "leftists" are Japanese. They are pleased when regarding Japan as evil. I hate it.

So, what do you think?


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I think the women did not know any better therefor NO ARGUMENT!
Peace and Love

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Blogger のバックアップを取る方法


【韓米】バレンブラット氏が聯合ニュースの報道を否定 … 「『"ヨーコの話"は全部ウソだ』なんて言ってない」[02/17]
【日韓】ソウル・黒田勝弘 気に入らない話は“歪曲”[02/03]
【米国】 『ヨーコの話』歴史歪曲批判大型訴訟、米有名法律事務所が無料で引き受け[02/15]
【韓国】アメリカで物議の『ヨーコの話』の著者、父親が731部隊の幹部だった疑惑が浮上 [01/18]

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At 4/10/2007 12:50:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

土屋公献 前日本弁護士協会会長が慰安婦の強制動員の証拠不足を正面から批判しました。彼は日本の政治界で提起された再調査論と関して,徹底した事実調査とは関係ない推論として説得力がないといいました。また、日本の政府の各省二はずいぶんの文書がまとめに調査されなかったとものを指摘しました。歴代総理は慰安婦問題と関連お詫びを言及したが、総理や外相は一度も実際に被害者を直接会ったことがないと追求して、日本政府は資料調査と証言聞き取りを再びして慰安婦と戦時性的強制状況の実態を明確にさせなければならないと言った

カ(E.H. CARR)ーは歴史と言うのは現在と過去の対話と言った. 歴史研究の過程は現在と過去の相互作用を通じて現在に意味ある過去の事実を能動的に捜して研究して解釈する過程で客観的で実証的ではなければならない. 現在主義的歴史観は現在に価値のある過去を選択し、解釈する史官の大切さを力説したことであって私たちが事実を歪曲してそれをあらかじめ考えておいた観念に合わせようと思うとかそこに当たらない事実は無視しても良いと言うことを意味するのではない。したがって日本は歴史教科書を現在主義的立場で弁解する資格などがない

日本の歴史教科書の歪曲は続いている景気低迷と過去の全体主義考え方とは違った新しい世代たちの個人主義的価値観, それによる社会的混乱は現在の日本に危機感を催している. 日本はこのような国家的難しさを歪曲された歴史教育で作られる自信感を通じて乗り越えようと努力するようだ.

民主的でおだやかなそして正義がある世界を作るためには私たちが過去にやらかした歴史的間違いを認めて反省しなければならない. これこそ世界との仲直りに進むための初歩だ. 信憑性ない教科書は歪んだ青少年を生むはずことと、歪んだ思考をする彼らはすなわち暗い未来をつくるというのは疑心の余地がない

At 4/10/2007 09:19:00 AM , Blogger yellowpeep said...


Sorry, I don't understand your Japanese. If you want to tell me something, please type it in in English.

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I agree with that.

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"the happy and thankful prostitute" is a ridiculous stereotype that only exists in an ignorant man's mind. Depicting the soldiers as embarrassed in front of the women is ridiculous and goes against the testimonials of several witnesses. People turn rightist because they don't have critical minds and are unable to dismiss obvious untruths and paradoxes. Books are good, but if you uncritically read deceitful propaganda, you'd be better off watching TV.

At 8/30/2007 08:20:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're wasting your time with these idiots. Is it just me or are most of the comments here the work of absolute morons?

It just goes to show that there are racist idiots in every country.

At 2/24/2008 12:23:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Koreans are pretty damn know, typical flat wide face very common with Koreans (Margaret Cho) and slitty eyes (Sandra Oh) with square jaw and flat nose, very little facial hair. No wonder almost 99% of the Korean population must have plastic surgery to look halfway presentable. Otherwise, they would all end up looking like their ugly gook brethren up north.

All the ugly yayoi people you see in Japan are all 100% descended from Koreans. No doubt. I guess that is what Koreans are always screaming and bragging about when they say that Japanese are descended from Koreans. Yep..all the ugly, flat faced, huge balloon headed people in Japan are 100% Korean decent. No doubt there!

At 7/16/2008 11:15:00 PM , Blogger Daniel said...

I really have trouble understanding the position of the ianfu deniers. There is very solid evidence to back up that it was very much a Japanese government and military initiative and that women were either coerced, kidnapped etc into these 'comfort houses'. The only people that have any doubts about it are some loony right wingers in Japan, just like the only people who think that the US went into Iraq for WMDs are loony right wingers in the US. For the rest of the world the reality is pretty clear though.
In any case, I'm not here to condemn Japan for enslaving Asian women, but just to make the point that IT HAPPENED. Wars tend to bring out the worst in us and given that the Japanese HATED the other Asian countries and felt superior to them, they felt they treated them like animals. But then Japan was the regional power, so there wasn't much anyone could do to stop them, in the same way there isn't much that people can do to stop the US from conducting there wars of "liberation" (if anyone actually believes that) right now. And that's just it. If you don't want to apologise, then fine, you don't have to as international law is weak against strong countries. But just so you don't come across as a pack of whining hypocrites, don't complain about the American soldiers who rape and murder your women in the areas where their many bases are established in your country, because their military power dictates that they have the right to do what they like much as yours allowed you similar privileges in Asia during WWII.

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At 5/30/2013 10:11:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12/14/2008 11:23:00 AM

You had better learn English before posting your comment in English. OR, YOU SHOULD POST IN KOREAN THAT MIGHT BE EASIER FOR YOU!

At 7/31/2013 05:30:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

excuse me, replace Japanese/Japan with Koreans/Korea. then, you are correct.

At 8/13/2013 06:18:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think about it again. China and Korea couldn't stand up against Japan. Throughout WW2, they were weak and uncivilized. That's why they easily became Japanese colonies. Japan taught them many skills and brought higher education to these places. China and Korea should be more thankful to Japan.

At 10/18/2014 06:55:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This posting is not right nor left wing idea. This is a little counter against the "truth" fabricated by some Japanese and then many Koreans and others.

All brainless racists and "humanitarian" people like those leaving foolish comments probably have no capability of understanding what I mean. But we Japanese will not stop communicating the truth no mater what it takes.


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