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Monday, January 23, 2006

Livedoor, Yakuza, and politicians

Actually I didn't want to hit this news because I am not bright in this Mafia stuff. Many of you, if you are a Japanese watcher, may have seen an internet portal, Livedoor, got raid lastweek, and the president was under arrest yesterday.

The opinions inside Japan have two main streams. As far as I know, it's just a battle between existing power (but corrupted) and the new power (but dirty about money). Since there's no pure justice, it's not so easy to stand for either one.

Although the arrest of Horie, CEO of Livedoor, is nothing but a welcome news, I don't think it will lead to a full settlement; a number two of Livedoor was killed in Okinawa. The mass media look it as a "suicide", but he killed himself by cutting his both rists, abdomen, and neck. How can you think of it as a suicide? Many bloggers including me have been discussing his enigmatic death, and got information from someone that the company has close relation with Yakuza. Kikko's blog, which has a million readers since it has nicked a number of those mysteries so far, points out the close relation of Yakuza and Abe, the promising next prime minister, in this Livedoor incident, and the blog asserts that the truth is never going to emerge.
I' m not sure about the relation with the next prime minister, but I agree with the blog about Yakuza. Since the number two was brutally killed, what kind of CEO would be willing to make a confesssion about illegal connection with Yakuza ?

The stocks has been falling down to 176 yen as of today, and heavy sellings are still awaiting. The stupid thing is that a stock from Livedoor is like fifty bucks, so naive housewives or even students can afford to some. The shock of the drastic drop hit those bigginers. BTW I was safe, holding 6 other brands.

What I don't like about him is that he is too leftish. The other day he mentioned that he didn't want to keep emperor system. The news section of Livedoor homepage is full of news provided by Japanese communism.

I'll add some more comments about his arrest.


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