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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Who are inside Japanese Democratic party?

The election on the 11th September is expected to be fierce. It's virtually fight between two largerst parties: Liberal Democratic Party led by Koizumi and Democratic party by Okada.

You may know that Koizumi (LDP) proposes privitization of postal system. But it seems not clear what the largest opposition party, Democratic Party, wants to achieve.

Democratic party has less than 20 years of history, so it's full of the remnants of Socialist party, which was contaminated by Marxism. It's obvious the party can't be liberal; in fact, the ruling party is the liberal! The Democratic party exists just to oppose everything what LDP does.

Recently, I heard news about Chinese Spies in Australia. Well, it's not surprising. Here in Democratic party there appear a lot of antigovernment elements hiding in this party.
Look at the poster below: The map behind him catches the sight of China, North Korea, and South Korea. At first, I couldn't believe this, but I found his webpage and ......
It was very shocking. One of his policies is "Get a permanent seat in Security Council in UN for South KOREA." He claims that giving a UN seat to South Korea leads to the fast way for Japan to be internationalized.

Wow, what's the logic ? Giving a UN seat to South Korea is one of his policy, it's like he's a Korean.

By the way, he was elected this August.

I looked up his resume. He is ...
A visiting faculty of HuaQiao University in China.

OK. now I get it.

(Actually, he used to work for Fujiyama, a Diet member who was the head of Japanese-Chinese friendship forum. Obviously he inherites the will of his boss when young. So It turns out that he is not a spy, but I'm sure that those people claiming friendship with China are excluded in LDP recently because of Koizumi.)


At 9/04/2005 01:56:00 PM , Blogger Johnny Canuck said...

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At 1/19/2006 06:43:00 PM , Anonymous J-girl said...

I read "the 2nd term work of Japanese release", and was shocked.
I think that most of those work is attained.
Probably, the same work is progressing even in Taiwan.
If the report of the major newspaper publishing companies of a U.S. example is read, the work seems to progress steadily even in the United States.
Don't American people feel a Chinese shadow?


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