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Sunday, August 21, 2005

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What Japan did in WWII

Whitewashing history ? ---- truth of alleged Nanjing massacre
Whitewashing history? ---- truth of alleged Nanjing massacre (2)
What Japan did in WWII - Malaysia (prologue)
What Japan did in WWII - UK
What Japan did in WWII - Myanmar
What Japan did in WWII - Indonesia
What Japan did in WWII - Taiwan
What Japan did in WWII - Palau
What Japan did in WWII - Korea
What Japan did in WWII - Thailand
What Japan did in WWII - (epilogue)

Comfort women? No, they are prostitutes (1)
Comfort women? No, they are prostitutes (2)

Whale Hunting
Whale and Tuna (1)
Whale and Tuna (2)

Zainichi (在日コリアン:Korean permanently staying in Japan)

The textbooks for school children are written not in Japanese, but in Korean. There are many Korean schools in Japan where ethnic education is made. So now you understand many Korean are living in Japan, don't you? The number is said to be around 600,000 as of 2000. Those who "permanenly" stay in Japan due to historical reasons are called Zainichi Korean or just "zainichi" (在日:staying japan) in this blog. While many of them have contributed to development of this society, others are known to engage in subversive activities such as abductions, drug smuggling, or spying. Although I mainly focus on the latter, don't forget general zainichi are conciliatory as long as they are raised and educated in Japanese public schools. They become radical just because they are educated in such special Korean schools scattered in every prefecture in Japan, and juche philosophy (Korean ethnic ideology) is implanted.
How was ZAINICHI treated - seeing Maeda
Behind the terrorism by Aum Shinrikyo - North Korea
Raid North Korea's house
Raid on North Korean Science Agency again
Raid again! I'm full already.
Now the police is doing their job
Heightened tensions between Zainichi and Japanese

Fake Uyoku

What's Uyoku? "Uyoku" means rightists, so I could be referred to as one of Uyoku. There's a type of Uyoku typically make noise from a black van. The spooky and radical impression let the world think "Japanese rightists still are wrong-minded." It should be taken for granted the elimination of these groups. But they are not extinct, nor can we know the real identity of them. It's taboo. We are not allowed to know that for mass media's sake. Why? Who are they? OK, then take a close look at the van above. Don't you see a Korean flag next to Japanese flag? Why, why Korean flag? Are they Korean?
Fake Uyoku - the obscure cult
Fake Uyoku - the obscure cult (2)
Fake Uyoku - the obscure clans (3)
Fake Uyoku - the obscure clans (4)

Prime Minister Koizumi

The end of Koizumi's era
Retirement is coming soon - Koizumi
Careless Koizumi
Is Koizumi a popularist?
No one was able to predict Koizumi's win
Koizumi's tactics - to seize East Asia's first summit

Japanese mass media
Those who are way too rightish
The new generation, 20's and 30's, doubt massmedia
Can Japan's mass media hold the decisive vote?

Imperial Family

Is it a male heir ? - Princess Kiko expecting child
Quagmire of imperial family
We all are pissed off with Princess Masako
A boy ! you know what I mean

Korea and China

I'm jealous of Korean's life without frustration
Standoff over the island
Giant Jellyfish and garbage
Way too patriotic
Korean cult leaders - Here it comes again
What's happening to other Japanese history textbooks?
You have no idea how North korea educate children
They say it's one of the evidences - Korea had right to put on their culture
Harsh colonial rule with freedom of skiing? Japanese rule from 1910 to 1945
Perfect duplicate, Super Z1

YasukuniYasukuni shrine and Princess Mononoke
Yasukuni shrine and Chinese attempt

Society or culture
Women-only train coach
Spectacular ASIMO but just think about that
Japanese girls are stupid. Am I sexist?
Pachinko industry

Who is Aso? The new foreign minister?
Anti-discrimination is the most troubousome.
Can Democratic Party change itself?
Who are inside Japanese Democratic party?Let's see an aspect of candidates for the election on 9/11


At last we'll see Yakuza's agony
Livedoor, Yakuza, and politicians

National Defense

TV Asahi, Way too judgmental to nuclear argument
Naive antinuclear movement
Ready for nuke-armed alliance with Taiwan
You get it all wrong, CNN.

Soka Gakkai - High possibility of North Korean

Buraku discrimination
Buraku, the biggest taboo

Comfort women

Fact being revealed: father of Park Geun-hye directly managing Korean Comfort women for UN/US

The defenition of the "rightist" here is:

Libertarian (minimum sate power).

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