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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Can Japan's mass media hold the decisive vote?

Who do you think foments the Japanese right-wingers ?
Most of the mass media? Wmmm... No. Then let's summarize the major mass media and their tone.

Yomiuri (newspaper: best sold, 10 million readers) , Nippon TV(TV) , zainichi's rule.

Yasukuni: must build another facility to separate class A criminals to other.

Anti Japan ----------------here-------- PatriotA

Anti USA ---------------here---------- Pro USA

Asahi TV (TV) Asahi shinbun (newspaper, 7 million readers, providing articles to The New york times) Referred to as a slavery pacifist by the Economist. Good point.

Yasukuni shrine: Must stop.

Koizumi's reformation: negative

Anti Japan -----here------------------ Patriot (dislike Japanese culture, history, mentality)

Anti USA ---here---------------------- Pro USA (In other words, Pro China.)

Mainichi (newspaper :4 million readers)

Zainichi's rule.

Yasukuni: Must stop.

Anti Japan ------here----------------- Patriot
Anti USA -----here-------------------- Pro USA

Fuji (TV), Sankei (newspaper: 2 million readers)

Yasukuni shrine : Must go.
Left ----------------here----- Right (rather, dog of government)
Anti Japan -------------------here--- Patriot
Anti USA ---------------------here-- Pro USA (never say no to america)

Although tought to be a dog of government, it strongly opposed to Koizumi about the imperial heir problem. Sometimes Koizumi is too liberal to follow for them.

Nikkei (newspaper, 3.5 million readers) Zainichi's rule.

Comment : Best sold as an newspaeper specializing economy.
Yasukuni: must think about China and Korea.

Left ------------here------- Right

So, only one of six, Sankei, is pro-Yasukuni. And it daily sells only 2 millions of copies while others, which oppose Yasukuni shrine, sell over 20 millions altogether. Of course, Asahi newspaper has been experiences a decline (0.5 millions) while Sankei exceeded 2 millions these days. But those changes are still small.

54 % of the total population think (Nov. 2005) that Koizumi's commemoration to Yasukuni should be allowed. If the newspapers have such a weak power to influence the people, who is playing the role to sway the major opinion?
Could you explain the mystery ?
(Zainichi means Koreans born or living in Japan. There's a taboo in mass media on speaking about Zainichi. For example, most crimes, which are comitted by zainichi and its regious group, Soka Gakkai, cannot be announced.)

NHK : public TV organiztion


At 1/23/2006 07:30:00 PM , Anonymous J-girl said...

Although I knows that mass communications of Japan are influenced of the Communist Party of China, how much the United States are eaten away?

At 1/24/2006 02:58:00 PM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

I thought New York Times is one of the typical ones amenable to China, but recently I found an article severely criticizing about Mao, using almost one page.
Looks like there are still many in Democratic party who doubt Chinese communists. I thought America is not like 40's or 50's any more.


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