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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NHK doesn't want American base.

The largest and the most powerful TV media, NHK, whose english name is Japan Broadcasting Corporation, did it again. It broadcast a totally made-up program on the American base in Okinawa on the 10 th of June. It's a very serious crisis for us; just think BBC or CNN makes a totally biased discussion. NHK is the ONLY public TV media in Japan! The title of this program is "Japan in Asia from now on". The title stinks a little bit.

The program kicks in with the subtitle "What do you think of American bases in Japan?" and I saw several tens of citizens presumably chosen arbitrary from verious generations because the name tag on each one's cloth says their name and occupation, from which no one woudn't suspect they are deliberately chosen.

I've been insisting that almost all the Japanese media are ruled by anti-Americanism, anti-Japonism, and pro-Korea-Chinese except Fuji-Sankei group. And at last I'll show the absolute evidence of it from now on, reportiing it in detail. But let me say my conclusion already based on this wrong incident: "My guess was right. NHK is occupied by someone different from us!"

The TV program started to ask the guests their opinions. One of the guests shown in the left picture apparently is a housewife because her tag says it. After this program I came across an excelent blog in which the author examined every guest invited by NHK. What a leasured blogger! So I know who the hell this housewife is. She actually turned out to be one of the leaders who oppose American supplyment warehouse in Sagamihara(in Kanagawa prefecture). She was very outstanding throughout this program because of her extreme rudeness; she intercepted an explanation from Defense Agency chief about North Korea's missles, and she shouted "I don't wanna hear that!" It's not only her. The next pic with a girl is more evident. She pretends that she can't hear the talk of Japanese Defense Agency chief, who is the head of Japanese military! (He is very famous because he was in Koizumi's cabinet.) Can you behave like that while listening to Rumsfeld's talk?
The camera work annoys me, too. They are doing this on purpose as if the talk of the Defense Agency chief is worth nothing.

The next guest started reading a letter on a recent incident where a girl was raped by three American soldiers in Okinawa. The camera then focuses on an actress who was sobbing hearing that story. The Mrs. who read the letter turned out also an activist of "An organization to keep American base away" in Okinawa. I found the actress, Azuma Chizuru, also riled me up; there was a discussion about the threat by China, and a columnist was trying to take this up, "China is about to invade Taiwan. That's obviously a threat to the peace of East Asia." and she goes, "Why would we have to label it as a threat?"

The three men also are activists: the left one belongs to "Life protect organization in Henogo (Henogo is in Okinawa.)" The middle one's occupation is a teacher in a kindergarten, but he actually is also an activist in a movement of "An appeal of no guard city", and the right one turned out to be involved with "non-nuke city, Yokosuka". I mean, every single gist is a made-up, camera work, guests, and the host. And audience, a bunch of Korean and Chinese, were surrounding the guests although they didn't state anything. It was enough to make an impression that Japan has been a trouble maker for East Asia if you take a glance at their furious face. Don't you think they ought to invite American side, too? Of course several conservative debaters or celebrities were invited, and they pointed out drawbacks if American troops retract. But consider how many other guests sit in the opposite side. The program just needs scapegoats.

The TV program never forget to look neutral; the host introduces several faxes that have arrived in the middle of the program. Many opinions from both sides were read up, but the camera casually focuses on the guests frowning and shaking their head when reading pro-American faxes. Just remember, on the other hand, the camera followed the sobbing actress to induce a serious mood when a rape incident was taken up.

Here's another one: they took a vote. A very predictable result, though. Most of them chose the blue, which is needless to say, No America!

This series of program was similarly made last year in August, and one of the guests was discovered to be an agent form zainichi. Adachi Yoko, a teacher of a high school in Tokyo, pretends she was just a guest, but my allied blogger blew her secret. If you don't know much about zainichi, just jump to my main page and look for "zainichi" section. Ironically "zainichi" has become the most important key word to my blog.

The last vote including all the conference room, phones, and faxes was whether Japan should strengthen the ally with United States. You sure did see the result above, didn't you? The red is for America, and blue represents the opposite opinion, which shared over 60%. It is a good figure to make the vote look democratic, isn't it?

Now you see that Japan is such an developing country behind many other sophistated civillizations. We must take our right back from those manipulative influences since post WWII. However, it seems a tad difficult for the majority of Japanese citizens to penetrate those slick, brainwashing programs. They have been raised to be so pacifistic that they don't realize their democracy remains illusion. They'll hardly get to win their own media to prosecute those propaganda even if they started to feel there's something wrong about mass media.

A opinion from one of the guests in the last five minutes was impressive, "Mass media around us today are all propaganda except for this program." Very funny.

NHK is getting more and more agressive against American, broadcasting similar program the day before this program, too. Since NHK is very decisive and popular among 50s to 60s, which I'm not, the emotion of those people may become worse than the past 10 years.

The source of this information is mainly from this blog: (written all in Japanese.)
Thanks, blogger2005jp!
And I'll take a short time off of this blog for a couple of months. Bye now!


At 6/14/2006 10:57:00 PM , Blogger Mr. Ballistic said...

Do you have a link to the blog that listed all the guests? I know it is probably all in Japanese, but systran does a decent job of tranlating. I would like to see just how badly split the opinion was in the show.

At 6/14/2006 11:08:00 PM , Blogger Brother Sun said...

Excellent blog you have nurtured!
Thank you for tuning me into the reality of Japan!
Here is something for you to ponder:

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0. Cosmic - your soul, the meaning of life
1. Global - earth health, adequate resources to thrive
2. Economic - the business of having money to conduct one’s life in tandem with billions of other individuals
3. Community - health and safety of home, work and play
4. Family - the home in your heart and the home you head home to
5. Social - How logical is your social, what dangers and addictions?
6. Personal - what matters most, where you live love
7. Psychological - How well do you handle the traumas life presents? How nervous is your neurosis?
8. Future - your children, nieces, nephews, all the other children of the world
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We want safety of life and limb and we want security for our possessions and property.
We want protection from thieves, thugs, terrorists, and tyrants.

The ten point security spectrum summarizes a nuanced reality.
It is spelt out in black and white, while real life gives a full colour version to each of us.
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We must persist tenaciously to objectively verify it.

Mother Nature and Human Nature provide many miracles and miseries.
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While still in the circle of life we are not allowed a full answer.
We move forth devising ways to maintain physical comfort and peace of mind.

At 6/15/2006 02:36:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6/15/2006 06:43:00 AM , Blogger newshound said...

inarcissist, did you have a point to make about the post, or did you just want the chance to spew your religion?

At 11/29/2006 12:33:00 AM , Blogger Noah said...

whoa, I am a little late on this post, but nice job. This is the reason I don't watch Japanese TV, well, besides the fact that I don't really understand it. But even this stupid American can tell that shit will rot your mind.


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