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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Giant Jellyfish and garbage

This must be a very nerve-wrecking phenomenon for fishermen. Vast number of giant jellyfish are recently found to appear in the north coast of Japan. Fishermen are suffered from clogging of fishnets by their heavy bodies ending up with little catch of fish.

BTW, the size of a normal adult reach 2.2 feets.(2m) Wow!

It seems that they drift over from East Chinese Sea. Researchers suspect the increase of the sea temperature is likely to cause this mass generation.
Actually I'm very concerned about those ecology problems between China and Japan. The problem of Yasukuni Shrine just keeps those true problems away from us.

Just because I'm antsy about the sea doesn't mean I'm paranoid. To be honest, we've been having so much troubles with them.

If the territory conflict for gas exploitation development in East China sea came across your mind, you gotta be very good at Asian politics. But it's not what I'm going to tell you this time.

Tsushima, an island through which the ocean current (Tsushima current) carries the giant jellyfish, has been getting a huge trouble about drifted garbages onto the shores. Most of the garbages are pastics, cans, and styrofoams. It's obvious they are from China and Korea because most of the containers are written in Chinese or Korean. It's a huge headache; no matter how they clean the shores, a week after they find so many garbages stacking again on the shore like this pic below. Not that all of them are from China and Korea. Of course some of them are from Japan itself. However, the expense to tidy up those things is not neglibitle, and China and Korea seem not to care about this because of their lack of morality. They are now just desperate thinking about their own economic growth. Increasing recognition about ecology needs to be gradually grown about this problem.


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