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Friday, November 03, 2006

Fake Uyoku - the obscure cult (2)

What's an "fake Uyoku" (fake rightists)? If you already read the previous post, it's a dull question. They typically stroll in a scaringly decorated car like the pic above, and make loud army songs in the street. Although most of normal Japanese wonder what the heck they are, mass media won't take up their real face. If you have a Japanese friend and may want to dare to ask him/her about them. But I'm pretty sure your friend just don't know much about it in spite of being intimidated.

My previous post was a venture; I condemned that a number of Korean(zainichi) have been slipping into those organizations. Recently, I was very alerted about incidents around Uyoku: one of the suspicious ones was taken place April 23rd 2004, making me feel that Koreans are involved with an evil intention. But my investigation ended up with vague findings. This article is about how I had investigated this incident and what I got as the conclusion. Let me sort the backgrounds around it chronologically.

Around that time, there was a cronical and controversial argument flaring-up between Japan and China about their territory issues, Senkaku islands and Okinoshima island.

THAT incident happend in the middle of those arguments. An fake Uyoku car slamed into Chinese Consulate in Osaka, ending up with burning and destroying their main gate. Needless to say, Beijing issued a strict warning to Tokyo to keep an eye on those radical groups. Penalized for this, Japan consequently made the negotiation unfavorable.

The criminal, Nobuyuki Nakagama (34),was immediately arrested, and newspapers the next day reported this rather briefly. His motivation was to claim that Senkaku islands should belong to Japan. He was from an Uyoku party, Nihonkoumintou (日本皇民党), which means "Japan Emperor's Citizen Party".

The story develops rapidly. A Korean zainichi, Ko Chong-Su (高 鐘守) (40), was arrested two days later for supervising this din. Many hardly noticed his arrest; newspapers barely reported it with a very small headline. Bingo! Korean again.

But I really don't know why Koreans are frequently involved. Some might say that way they can undermine Japan's reputation and scare ordinary people away from being rightish. I might agree to that.

After this incident, public trials over 11 times are disclosed online on the criminal, Nakagama. Reading this, I sensed that he is a pure Japanese who is just radical. More investigation revealed that this fake Uyoku group, Nihonkoumintou (日本皇民党), regards Chinese communists as an fatal enemy. Their activity has been based just for aggressive act against Chinese communist. The reason for their hostility is that their will is to unite all Asia, which won't be realized with communists, I guess. Since those Uyoku parties typically wish they live within Great East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, they are assumed to be inevitably generous to Korean new comers. There's a rumor that some fake Uyoku parties have been already taken over by Koreans because of the generousity of Uyoku to Koreans. But for the case of this party, Nihonkoumintou (日本皇民党), it's not realistic to determine this party is anti-Japanese manipulated by Korean.

Sorry that I have to conclude this story like that. It's like there's no concrete conclusion! The Uyoku issue is so complicated that it's very hard to get an access to their core part. Anyway, I don't support Nakagawa's reckless act although it may reflect his "noble" belief against communists. Hate to say it, but it ooks like Chinese communist has a right to blame Japan by all means this time.

Mass media exist to expose those mysteries to people per se, but they keep silent probably because fake Uyoku live on intimidation. They don't want to run a risk of having intimidation by them.

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At 11/04/2006 01:27:00 PM , Blogger Noah said...

Japan and S. Korea are so much like each other, it's practically ridiculous. It's just in last 40 years that the Japanese government learned that spreading culture through mass media and luxury goods to lesser nations is a better cash cow than trying to suck up to the west. Surprise surprise, genocide is WAY more expensive than maintaining culture slaves!

So I would agree that a Korean conspiracy is pretty doubtful. Those dubious Japanese-Koreans lurking around in the underworld are only looking for a kind hand in the polito-sphere.

At 11/05/2006 06:43:00 PM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

Well, well. thank you for a comment with pretty implication.

Koreans copy all the things from Japan these days like we did to America after WWII. But we at least were thanksful for having chances of copying stuff and respected the original.

Anyway, I agree that the two countries are getting so like each other. They used to be more Chinese, though.

At 11/07/2006 11:04:00 PM , Blogger Mr. Ballistic said...

Silly rightists.

Everybody knows that the best way to annoy and harrass thousands in an instant is through spam.

Russian Arch Spammer Vardan Kushnir proved that spam can bring thousands of customers. Even if spam probably got him murdered.

Considering how Korea still is preoccupied with the censored debate about nuclear weapons, then witty, widely dispersed emails will do more than burning down embassy gates.

You may be right, but I think that NK agents would find easier ways of embarrassing Japan than driving around in black trucks.

At 11/12/2006 01:06:00 AM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

Right. Uyoku must work more and harrase Japan if they are supported to by neighboring countries.

This Uyoku group became famous almost ten years ago for threatening a candidate of Prime Minister. The deed this Uyoku did was totally for money.

Uyoku needs money, too.


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