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Monday, February 05, 2007

Fake Uyoku - obscure clans (3)

Who is always behind terrorisms in Japan?
The Fake Uyoku (fake rightists) series now counts three (see series 1 and 2) because otherwise you don't understand the mechanics of the nation Japan. Here I will dare to approach to the kernel of the power of Japan, focusing on an incident, an arson attack, back to August 2006 when an issue was annoyingly disputed: Yasukuni shrine. The conclusion of mine derived this time about the criminal of this incident after close investigation has once again ended with ambiguous thoughts. This time, a possible mastermind, Korean, is introduced and discussed. The mastermind who requested a Uyoku member to commit this arson was most likely Korean smelled ultra-rightists. The clientele may also exist who gave money to the mastermind. To facilitate understanding the complexity of the political rivalry, I drew a map below. In the following I'll explain the incident with this map.

*Arson attack to pro-Chinese politician after Koizumi's Yasukuni visit*
At that time, mass media was fomenting TV viewers about Yasukuni shrine and casting a question about Koizumi's visit to Yasukuni shrine. One of China-friendly politician, Kato Koichi, showed himself frequently on TV programs and expounded his theory against Koizumi and Abe. He was the de-facto main spokesman of various objectors.

Koizumi visited the shrine against mass media's impedance after all, and I thought the dispute would be over until the next year. However, another headline came just after his visit: Kato's mother's home was alledgedly set on fire. A suspect was arrested but no Japanese knew his name until ChosunIlbo, a Korean newspaper firstly exposed the suspect's name, Horigome Masahiro(65). All of Japanese mass media reported this arson attack except his name and the group he belonged to. This simple fact indicates that no mass media was allowed to report for the sake of some impotant indivisuals or groups in Japan. Asahi or Mainichi newspaper usually attacks Koizumi or Abe with an extreme obsession. Note that criticism to the Prime Minister is even allowed. But there seems a scarier taboo than the PM. I was all puzzled.

*Yakuza(mafia) and its dummy rightist group*
The group, the criminal belonged to, turned out to be a descendent of Sumiyoshikai, a big Yakuza (mafia) group from Tokyo area. The Yakuza used a dummy Fake Uyoku (rightist) group and had the criminal pretend to belong to the dummy. The criminal, Horigome insisted he did it himself, but it was apparent that he was just a rogue who does anything for money. He once was arrested for extortion several years ago. So there's no way he did it for his own noble belief. Did he go to Yasukuni shrine and report his achievement to war deads? NO. He doesn't worship Yasukuni shrine at all. There's got to be someone who ordered him to do it.

Koizumi, Abe, Ishihara, Mori, or other conservatives are likely to be the clientele
Finally I found a connection of Sumiyoshikai (mafia) to the mastermind candidate. Sumiyoshikai was closely seeing Kishi Nobusuke, the grandfather of the current Prime Minister, Abe. There's therefore a strong possibility that Abe requested Sumiyoshikai to burn Kato's house. Since nobody can object Sumiyoshikai, the perfect crime is done.

While investigating these relations, I found a strange paradox. Abe claims liberation of abducted Japanese from North Korea. He strongly insists on economic sanction against NK. On the other hand, Sumiyoshikai is well-known for its underground business, drug smuggling with North Korea. How can we corner NK if Sumiyoshikai is still set free from Abe? If Abe doesn't want to be blamed for this, he ought to pursue true criminal for god's sake. Well, but it's never going to be possible to eliminate Yakuza group completely as well as Koreans. All Abe can do would be to put unsaid pressure on Yakuza groups not to deal drugs any more. So did Abe or Koizumi send the criminal? Wm, I don't know. Koizumi and Abe are known to be very careful about using Yakuza groups. Their positions are not as tough as their titles sound once they are blackmailed for this reason. My point is, they wouldn't dare to do it just for threatening. They would even erase Kato if they wanted to sanction him. Firing a house is what a cheap one does. (Erasing a politician costs a lot of money.) Although Koizumi and Abe could be still the chief suspects, I'll refrain from asserting it.

Let us take a look at another aspect of Abe. His grandfather, Kishi, established a group in rivalry with communists. At that time, CIA, Japan, and South Korea collaborated underground very actively. Abe's grandfather had a strong connection with South Korean's military government. So was Abe's father. He had big pipes with political arena of South Korea. Abe's wife, Akie, speaks Korean very fluently. I don't know how come his family are so close to South Korea. Anyhow, I can smell a strong anti-communism from their family history. It's only his family. Nothing smells like that from Koizumi or other's families. From this standpoint, the arson against Kato, China lobby, makes sense.

Ultra-rightist Zainichi(Korean) got money and sent the criminal
Now let us go on to the next hierarchy, ultra-rightist Zainichi(Korean). This is very probable from my point of view. We can note the presence of those nationalistic zainichi who in part are typically anti-communists while the other are pro-North Korea, trying to undermine Japanese government for the past 50 years. The anti-communist side has attacked China or USSR, communists. But the are a little tickler because they may form a united front with Japan(see series 1). They protest against communism, yet they are conciliatory toward North Korea which is a communist's country. I haven't seen many incidents like this arsons attacking North Korean agencies (General Association of Korean Residents) in spite of communism. It indeed happened(see series 2) when it comet to against China. Perhaps two clans share sense of common bonds as Korean. Look back at my past two posts here and here. Always Korean are coming out.

Since Sumiyoshikai (Japanese mafia) is already known to have plotted this arson attack, there seems no need of discussion on Korean. However, the things are not that simple. Let's see the address of the dummy group made up by Sumiyoshikai. It is located in Northern Shinjuku, Tokyo. This place is also famous for Korean Town, and you'll see many Korean shops or offices here and there. For example, the map indicates the locations of Korean restaurants by red circles. The dummy Uyoku office is smack in the middle of this Korean town. More interestingly, there's an office of North Korea (General Association of Korean Residents) that is one of the bases for internal maneuvering.

Why Korean again? I also obtained information on this dummy fake Uyoku group. Several years ago, they once attempted landing on a disputed island between Japan and China. Looks like they have used this Shinjuku office for a long time. So I can't see the case of Sumiyoshikai borrowing this address without a permission from Korean town. All I can suspect is Sumiyoshikai is already infilterated by a number of Korean members, gets too familiar with drug business with North Korea, and commits crimes for money.

The victim of this arson attack, Kato, shouldn't have a connection with these ultra-rightists. So I don't think Kato played his own work, nor did China. This incident is therefore interpreted straightfowarly as a message to Kato, "Don't get close to communists ever again."

(the title used to include only "Uyoku", but it has been changed to "fake Uyoku" because "Uyoku" only means "rightist", and in this case they are not considered true rightists.)


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