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Monday, May 04, 2015

Fact being revealed: father of Park Geun-hye directly managing Korean Comfort women for UN/US

An inconvenient fact on comfort women after WWII has been growing as a big anxiety of South Korea. A member of opposing party of South Korea condemned the ruling party of South Korea for hiding secrets of Park Guen-hye, the current president of South Korea. What he found out was a signature of her father, a former president (1963-1979) of South Korea, on a document directing his policy on comfort women in bases of UN/US armies. According to the disclosure, the government of South Korea had run 62 places with 9,935 comfort women working in there. The document proposed a plan to build a bunch of condominiums to house them for promoting better hygiene.


There's another record printed in a newspaper (Dong-A Ilbo, 9/14, 1961) shown above reported registration of comfort women for serving to United Nations.  I didn't quite know the intention of the government of South Korea at that time, but found a clue: The New York Times recently published an article on Oct. 31th 2012, interviewing a sex slave who served to UN. According to her interview, the government of South Korea kept encouraging sex slaves to earn foreign currency. Isn't it a worse involvement than what Janapese government did to sex slaves during WWII? The current governement of South Korea shouldn't avert their eyes from them. They should make apologies to the sex slaves for forcibly drafting them to work in so-called comfort houses, if South Korea values human rights. If so, the government of Japan may reiterate apologies in an ashamed tone of voice. But it would never happen. Park Guen-hye would confess in no way that her father was the very person in charge of comfort women in the post Korean war period. 


At 9/15/2018 01:29:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what this is about.
But all I know is that Japan is fully reponsible for war crime committed during WWII.

Japaneses are really sad people!
They are disgrace of human beings!

At 7/02/2019 05:40:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was stationed in Korea, I often had sex with Korean prostitutes. To avoid bacterial infections, I'd rub kimchi on my chinpon. It worked! But it was "Itai!!!" "Ite-te-te!" Maybe the burning alone killed off the bacteria. My fellow soldiers nicknamed me, "Kimchinpon-chan."


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