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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Heightened tensions between Zainichi and Japanese

If you are an enthsiastic reader of this blog, you know what zainichi people are. The conflict condition between Zainichi and Japanese rightists has caused intolerable strain these days. A half of zainichi in terms of ideology, pro-DPRK clan, held a big rally March 3rd 2007 at Hibiya, Tokyo, to protest against pressure onto them, claiming abolishment of discriminative treatment. It's funny. I feel like they have discriminated Japanese on the contrary. It's also shocking to know the fact that they can hold such a rally right in the center of Tokyo. (Hibiya is a walking distance from Tokyo station.)

The rally and a demonstration march were reported by a number of rightish bloggers. That day was over without any violent conflict.

It looks to me just a hostile demonstration against our state power.

There already was a conflict between Tokyo prefecture and Zainichi before this rally. Tokyo led by Ishihara asked court for cancellation of use by Zainichi prior to March 3rd. The reason for their appeal is "Public facilities in Tokyo should be for public open to everybody, not for specific party. But they are apparently taking place an exclusive rally." The court, however, dismissed the appeal and permitted the usage. Mass media seemed to stay neutral as to this issue.

Here was another plan to be held March 4th for DPRK's similar activity near Shinjuku. Yoyogi district in Tokyo cancelled the usage of a facility for Zainichi 2nd March because the symposium was intended to exclude Japanese. Hey, Debito, why don't you come out and yell at zainichi? They were about to keep out Japanese. That's discrimination you always mention.


At 3/04/2007 03:28:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read about this in some news websites. And to be honest,I have never expected that such groups had the right to show up in public and defend "their cause". How come they are not oppressed by the Japanese government? Zainichi lobbyism?

At 3/04/2007 10:28:00 AM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

That's exactly what I'm trying to say. How come?? It's in the center of Tokyo city.

They also are protesting against government's sanction on DPRK such as restriction of travel or trade.

These days many bloggers keep an eye on those groups and upload pictures of their activity, I thankfully use those bloggers' pictures.

At 3/04/2007 10:32:00 AM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

Zainichi lobbyism is getting weaker these days than a decade ago. Nevertheless, they are very outstanding. It's partly because many of them have won social security from the government. That means they can spare much time on their political activities to prolong their rights. We, on the other hand, have livelihood, so our days of enthusiam are compulsively limited to weekends.

At 3/04/2007 04:10:00 PM , Blogger Curzon said...

This was in Hibiya?! Where, the park?

At 3/04/2007 08:12:00 PM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

Hey, Curzon.
It's Hibiya Kouen Yagai Onngakudou(日比谷公園野外音楽堂). Yes, it's the park.

At 3/05/2007 06:38:00 PM , Blogger Chris said...

It's strange how someone could support a regime like the DPRK. If North Korea is so great why don't they go back there to live? Oh wait, I know why. They'd lose all the freedoms and food they have in Japan.

At 3/08/2007 04:27:00 PM , Blogger Noah said...

Jesus christ. Why don't these NK trash just shut the fuck up already. On the other hand. I have a Korean friend born and living in Japan. His family has been in Japan for three generations, and he's a good guy with a solid base of Japanese friends. Yet, he must be required to gaijin card all the time, and will probably never be given Japanese citizenship. It seems a little much to not give 3rd generation Japanese-Koreans citizenship. The quicker it happens, the faster these people will integrate and stop their fucking complaining.

At 3/08/2007 07:03:00 PM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

There's two kinds of Koreans living in Japan. The majority, the good side, is trying to adopt the lifestyle of Japan and contribute to the society. They try to retain their culture, but it's also fine. I welcome peaceful culturalism. There's increase number of second or third generations who are thinking to be identified as Japanese because they are raised in Japanese, thinking the same way as other Japanese do. If they want to keep their family name like Kim or Park and still want to be a member to live peacefully, that'll be great.

At 5/22/2007 12:07:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Japan is definitely scared of North Korea.

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