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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Those who are way too rightish

I couldn't upload recent articles because I was staying in Japan for a while.
From a view of a Japanese who haven't seen Japan for two and a half years, Japan looked a little changed in terms of politics. Just look at the picture above that is a most rightish magazine, "SAPIO". The reason of "most rightish" is that it covers criticisms about not only China or North Korea, but Prime Minister Koizumi. The cartoon below critically depicts Koizumi, clncluding that "his obsession with America and sofness on North Korea are the cancer of Japan."

It was surprising because I thought that Koizumi was the one who has been hardest on China, North Korea, or America. Just think about the conflict of the BSE (mad cow disease) with America. He is still reluctant to ease the tight leash on the American beef.

I found myself not a righist any more.


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