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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Buraku, the biggest taboo

Ever since I have written a number of taboos that exist in Japan, an essential social structure has been emphasized in this blog: "Taboos are created and maintained by concession hunters."

The taboo I'll discuss today is "Buraku" segregation, which was created hundreds years ago (1600s) when Japan was barely depicted by Marco Polo's story. At that time, citizens were classified into four, but there's another class below the lowest class. Their life was determined as they were born.

That system was abolished by law when Meiji restoration occurred around 1880 as they acquired Western civilization. Of course those who were discriminated had a hard time to cope with the society firstly because others drag the old system. The system of national census register enabled employers to investigate the origin of employees, and they would cut them off due to humble origins. An organization, "Buraku liberation party", was established in 1922, declaring human rights, which we can recall as the first and broadest scale movement (This is not a political party, so they have no seats in diet.). Many gathered under the flag shown above and demanded their life as a human being.

It sounds like a beautiful story isn't it? Before we know, however, this party substantially turned into a greedy concession hunters. The following is the core part of this article. They threatened and manipulated mass media not to criticize the party because it's "problematic" enough to induce more fierce discrimination if criticizing suffered people. They support specific politicians in diet, and the politicians pump cash into public works whose orders are by all means received by Buraku people. At first, those politicians used to do it as a moral policy to protect Buraku's livelihood otherwise it was hard for them to get a job. Now that they got power, they were free as beasts. No matter how they parked their cars on the street, the police cannot touch them because the raid is regarded by Buraku liberation party as discrimination. They are said to compose 50% of total Yakuza members in Japan (it's 60% according to Sugawara, a former member of National Public Safety Commission). Buraku people are needed by a surprising entity. It's banks. Banks use Buraku people for money collection. Hearing a collection from Buraku people, threatening effect is outstanding. With tight relationship with zainichi, they have controlled the underground up until now. We now see a very odd phenomenon where it is indeed Buraku people who want the discrimination to last since they've got money sources to live in a mansion.

This scheme suddenly collapsed in 2003 due to a political downfall of Nonaka Hiromu, the big boss of LDP (Liberal Democratic Party). I thought he was a very good politician as mass media favorably reported him as a fighter for justice and a good advisor of talentless prime ministers. Before Koizumi got power, Nonaka nominally was the leader of the ruling party as of 2000. What Koizumi did first in office was to squeeze Public Prosecutor's Office. After dreadful political conflict inside LDP party between two politicians, Koizumi finally made him resign the seat. People gossiped that Koizumi rocked Nonaka with his fatal scandal.

No political battles, no reformation.

News on arrests of corrupted yet well-known backroom fixers followed one after another. Before Koizumi, Japanese watchers from Western societies shrewdly observed the rigid society ruled by Yakuza and other giants, saying "It's the limit of Japan. There's no self-cleansing capability left there."

Let me make divulgences to you as to incidents related to Buraku. Well, it's not divulgences any more since everyone knows them. But keep in mind that I, too, never imagined until a few years ago that such a people ruled this society this much.

One of the most famous ones is an arrest of "Meat king", the president of a meat company. With a tight relationship with Nonaka, he made a million. People in Osaka city said no one doesn't know his name, Asada Mitsuru.

The picture below takes a raid scene into another king, and look at that gate!

The battle against Buraku people has been still continuing nationwide. Liberal Democratic Party was successful to wipe out the Buraku liberation party, but some of their parasites still reside in Democratic Party, the biggest opposing party. In fact, the Buraku liberation party donated to the two biggest political parties. No wonder there was no one who could accuse them. Since this Buraku liberation party strongly protest Abe's regime, I guess Abe is going to suceed Koizumi's policy. Although this may be a start of another collusion from Abe's side, we can't neglect current corruption.

Rousseau in 18th centry knew direct intervention is essential for democracy. Japanese people finally discovered it 200 years later.


At 1/30/2007 01:00:00 AM , Blogger Noah said...

so is the other 50% of the yakuza korean?

At 1/30/2007 07:21:00 AM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

30% are Korean according to Suganuma, who used to be a member of National Public Safety Commission.

He also says 60% are from Buraku.
The other 10% is pure Japanese or Chinese.

Youtube is uploaded for his interview but probably only japanese.

At 4/11/2007 09:23:00 AM , Blogger David said...

Hi yellowpeep,

Did you ever get a chance to read I, Shingen's post on the Burakumin? (

I'm interested in learning your opinion that post.


At 4/11/2007 03:06:00 PM , Blogger yellowpeep said...


Somehow your post is not reflected in the "recent comment" column in
my blog, so I'll reply to your email account.

Since I'm not a professional researcher, what I can note is about only
recent incidents I have heard. So let me point out just one. Doudou
Diene was invited to Japan probably July 2005 to investigate the
status of those discriminations. Please notice the key person who
invited him, Mushakoji Kinhide, who is notorious for his strong
connection with North Korea. Diene is also known to live on "human
rights" and frequently gets in touch with IMADR in Japan. Therefore, I
indeed doubt if he could keep neutrality on his investigation when he
was invited and ushered by those people. I assume in the worst case
that the "realities" were deliberately sprincled ahead of his route by
them, and they had him find it. From a point of view by an amatuer,
professional research shouldn't go this way. As I have been insisted,
majority of silent conscience is never looked at while loud activists
get the power and propagate the distorted image of Japan through the
biased media. The part I, Shingen cited may be true, but my standpoint
in my blog has started doubting those people claiming "human rights".
The legitimacy of those information source should be well known. If I,
Shingen acknowledges this fact behind Diene and still thinks his
report is right, that's fine.
Please let me know what you think.

At 6/23/2008 10:17:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, Buraku problem started when Japanese came from the Chinese continent. They moved captured aborigines from their land to separate ghettos and try to make them assimilate. Some did, Some didn't. To Japanese, any dirty works are taboo. So they made those assimilated aborigines do those things and called them 'Yaro'. Many warriors were from the ghettos, too, since Japanese ruling class are feminists. Hayato from what is now Southern Kyushu, Keno from Northern Kanto, too, they joined Japan as Japanese, but were still treated like Buraku. So there are always conflicts amongst Asian Japanese who love Kanji/Farming culture and who don't like Kanji and love hunting/fishing culture. And GHQ took all the guns from Japanese and let streets thugs wild out. So, The police that is originate in Ghetto asked their Yakuza buddies to fight those hoodlums. That's how Yakuza took over. Both ides had Koreans and Taiwanese. Koreans and Taiwanese who went to war as Imperial Army, they felt the land at least so they claimed. There are many fake Buraku activists who make money off the issue. Yakuzas are not yakuzas no more, they are members of secret society now. Bring back Yakuzas for real buraku people because the aboriginals are 'REAL JAPANESE' Traditional Japanese are all Chinesized mogolians, koreans, manchu,etc... Now you know why people who can't read Kanji are called 'Stupid' even if they can read Hiragana and Katakata. Why Japanese official written language was Classic Chinese until the end of WWII? Go figure. All ex etas are REAL JAPANESE. Who is pure Japanese? Pure Asians from the continent? Whoever claim 'pure Japanese' now go back to the motherland (the continent).

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