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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Asahi shinbun's apology needed on comfort women

The whole truth of the comfort women issue seems to be sought again. The diplomatic matter of comfort women between Japan and Korea started since The Asahi newspaper took up Seiji Yoshida's testimony in 1982 as the evidence of coercion of Japan's military. But Asahi admitted in 2014 fabrications in Yoshida's book and announced retraction of their articles. Yoshida claimed in his testimony that he obtained the evidence that Korean women were forcibly taken away to serve as comfort women by Japan's military. The book said that women in Chejudo, an island of South Korea, were beaten and lifted up to trucks by Japanese officers. The Asahi corrected on the same day another fabrication on investigation of facts around Fukushima. The picture above shows the scene of apology made by CEO of Asahi. They ought to know that every article from Asahi from now on would be under suspicion for a long time.


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