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Monday, May 22, 2006

Behind the terrorism by Aum Shinrikyo - North Korea

As a prosecutor of Japanese underground world, I'd have to focus on the most infamous disaster in 1995, a terrorism in subway stations by Aum Shinrikyo, a sect of Buddhism. Although the guru of the religious cult was arrested just after the terrorism, there are still unsolved mysteries around that incident partly because mass media can hardly report the truth. When the cult was broadcast on account of the terrorism, I was a high school student. The terrorism seemed very horrible to me, but nothing was hard to understand to me. They were just a terrorism group which produced chemical weapons. I thought the guru drove the believers crazy, saying "wrath of god is about to distroy the world unless the human beings are punished" as TVs say. However, I felt something dangling in my mind when a murder by Korean occurred although this is now dismissed by TVs as a trivial incident.

I'll tell you what happened. At that time, I was so curious about the consequences of the cult, so I kept watching TV. I happened to witness on TV that a top spokesman of the cult was stabbed and killed by a Korean Uyoku (rightist) in the middle of the interview. Everyone in front of the TV must have seen it, and commentators began to discuss who is behind it since then. It was not so hard to imagine that the spokesman was killed because he almost disclosed a secret about the cult beyond what he is supposed to announce. He also said in the interview, "The chemical used in the subway attack was not sarin. Probably american institutes can prove it later on." and he went on, "The assets we can use is 100 billion yen (1 billion USD)." Those shocking information he presented probably seemed to a bit over his duty. Another spokesman who was a little careful wasn't killed; the murderer overlooked the careful spokesman and pounced the talkative one. What is the most enigmatic was that he was not killed by his colleagues, but a Korean having nothing to do with Aum Shinrikyo. Why would Korean Uyoku (rightist) have to kill him? Did uyoku have some secret with Aum Shinrikyo? After police arrested the criminal, the statement he made about his motivation was "resentment at the cult." But you know, it's a bluff. It made me more confused that the guru completely didn't know why his spokesman was assassinated.

Let's get it straight from now on. I can't say where I got the following information from, and I have something more that I can't say 'cause I don't want to be killed!
The followings are sorted chronologically.

*The relation between the guru and SGI(Soka Gakkai International, another cult of Buddhism having 8 millions of believers in Japan. SGI is North Korea friendly.) was originally close. The guru's two brothers were believers of SGI. Note that many zainichi are the believers of SGI.

*The guru wanted to collect more money to make the sect bigger.

*Around 1991, he happened to meet with a couple of believers talented in collecting money, who now turned out to be imposters from SGI and Unification Church, another Korean religious groups.

*Note that SGI and Unification Church are Korea friendly religions, and those gurus are both Korean. (SGI's leader, Ikeda Daisaku is zainichi, a korean staying in Japan.)

*Aum Shinrikyo started the refinement of drugs according to the imposters and produced a lot of profit.

*The raw product of the drug was bought from North Korea, and the underground business contributed to the maintenance of the regime of North Korea. Gotogumi, one of yakuza, was involved in this smuggling. At that time the police couldn't inspect Gotogumi or Aum Shinrikyo because Gotogumi had been exploiting weakness of the head of the police.

*Aum Shinrikyo had also been collecting nuclear secrets around Japan's nuclear plants, sending many spies to electric power companies. The spies sent those information to North Korea for the development of North Korea's knowledge on nuclear power.

*In 1993, North Korea encountered a crisis due to the conflict with Clinton on nuclear inspection and seceded from IAEA in 1994. At this point, Kim Jong Il needed to cover up all the relationship with the spies in Japan's nuclear plants, and decided to make Aum Shinrikyo a scapegoat.

*The imposters of SGI in Aum Shinrikyo instigated the guru of Aum Shirikyo, and they began to plot a terrorism in Tokyo.

*The terrorism was brought about by several criminals with bags of chemical substances, causing over 5000 casualties in subway stations in Tokyo (March 2o 1995).

*The president of Tokyo metropolitan police was sniped at by someone on his way from his house. There were intentional personal effects of the criminal. Believe it or not, guys, they were a badge from North Korea and a coin from South Korea (March 30, 1995). This is obviously interpreted as the plot by North Korea (SGI) and South Korea (Unification Church). Remind that the victim was the president of the entire Japanese police! Everyone including me thought that it must be something to do with Korea, but nothing beneficial was found after the investigation. The pic of the badge is from the website of Tokyo police(Japanese), and the mark with the red star is a symbol of Workers' Party of Korea, the only political party of North Korea. The reason for the snipe was said that the president was intended to raid some important facilities. I can't know the true reason since no suspect was arrested!

*Meanwhile, the guru thought he was safe because SGI was trying to cover up everything.

*TBS and Mainichi, two Japanese major mass media which by the way are subject to SGI, stroke up only Aum Shinrikyo, making watchers attention away from North Korea.

*The spokesman of Aum Shinrikyo was murdered by a Korean Uyoku, and murderer was arrested on site. I'll skip the details because I already did it in the beggining.

*The guru of Aum Shinrikyo was arrested by riot squads in one of the cult's facilities. (May 16th, 1995)

*The refinement factory is yet to be disclosed by the police.

*All massmedia couldn't reveal the sequence around SGI because ALL of them are afraid of the revenge by SGI.

*The health condition of the guru was all fine and his brain was sharp when arrested, but now he presents a symptom of addiction to drug to the extent of enteruria control disorder.

*The rumor says that the correctional officers were sent from SGI, and drug was mixed with food and provided to the guru in order to shut his mouth. The guru was supposed to be the only person who can possibly testify the truth behind Aum Shinrikyo. And the truth has gone.


At 5/25/2006 05:11:00 PM , Blogger Mr. Ballistic said...

No fair! If you keep posting like this you will make Juche Girl cry!

At 5/26/2006 05:26:00 PM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

woo, i thought the website was kidding. well, kim jong il has a freedom of speech. go ahead. btw you are very good at finding those weird pages!

At 5/28/2006 12:16:00 AM , Blogger Mr. Ballistic said...

I live in Santa Cruz, Ca where being Normal is Weird!

BTW I do think the site is a joke, esp the kiwi and seagull articles. You should link to her to show your openess to rational debate.

At 5/29/2006 10:50:00 AM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

I went to Monterey a year ago, and passed Santa Cruz on my way to San Francisco. Man, I didn't even notice that bizzare university. you've got to get rid of it and take back your peace life. Btw, the university has had problems with not only faculty but students. Many students drop the classes, faculty resign, and so on. Partly because the neutrality on religion is not kept, against their policy. It makes me freak out imagining Americans worship rapist Ikeda Daisaku.
The countdown watch of Bush is nice.

At 6/02/2006 08:40:00 AM , Blogger Mr. Ballistic said...

No. No. You have it all wrong. UCSC works as an effective hippie containment facility It is fairly far away from downtown isolated on top of a hill. The great thing about that is it is located smack in the middle of a beautiful Redwood Grove, so everytime the school expands they chop down their endangered trees, Which pissed the environmentalists off, which keeps them figthing their own university and not regular people.

Speaking that I got a heated lecture fom a UCSC girl about japanese whaling. They get really upset when people go after the cute animals! Does whale meat taste that good or is it that traditional? I am not being judgmental, they might taste good. It just seems Japan is spending a lot of good yen buying votes for something that does not bring in much income, improve security and gets a lot of bad press. I mean those Greenpeace people can pull crazy publicity stunts.

Is this just another special interest compromise (like the V-22 Osprey over here )? Or does this have some hidden economic boon, such as keeping Greenpeace wackos fixed on cute whales instead of blackmailing productive industry?

At 6/02/2006 06:41:00 PM , Blogger yellowpeep said...

um? looks like we are speaking of different universities. UCSC is not Soka Gakkai friendly, right? Then it must be decent.

I found your opinion about whale hunting interesting. I'll take this up as a next subject of this blog, so plz look forward to it. I am for whale hunting, so most of western people have got many abusive words to say.


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