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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I'm jealous of Korean's life without frustration

Calling himself a very patriotic apiarist, Ann, dived into the Japanese flag with thousands of bees, which is supposed to be a strong message to the world by stinging the flag with thousands of bee needles. You know what? I'm getting a huge fan of Korea! They are just unpredictable. By the way his perfoamnce is made to claim that the disputed island should belong to Korea, not Japan.

Let me say a good word for Korean. I've heard that only few Korean do such a radical performance, and the rest of the Korean are mostly calm down as well as Korean newspapers. Korean massmedia don't even take up those performances while Japanese press tend to report them in detail to imply how much Korean hate Japan. Seeing those scenes, some Japanese really feel sorry to Korea while others are just disgusted. The reason for these stupid performances being able to keep a high audience rating in Japan would be the fact that Japanese are too much concerned about what the world is thinking about Japan. That way, Japanese have been accumulating their stress inside themselves until they suddenly vent their frustration. In a way, being mental like the few Koreans, who seem to release stress, is more constructive way of life.

Let me emphasize one last thing before closing this article. I'm not a Korean hater, but want to be just a careful Korean watcher. Just look at the pic in the left. Don't you remember him? Yes! he's the one ripping a Japanese flag in the third pic in this article! I realized that only few crazy Korean put themselves forward to mass media, while the majority of Koreans are calm, and I even think that Korean don't welcome those stupid performers as a representative. I've found more and more things! He even does a performance against China, too. Then you'd be convinced, wouldn't you? Isn't it sad only his outstanding activities make impressions about Korea and normal people are not even looked at?

This pic below would be one of the true scenes to depict the normal Koreans. Looking like they indulge in supporting a soccer team. Now that they are developed country enough to producing high-tech products, they won't be feeling happy dihonoring neighboring countries.


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