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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fake Uyoku - obscure clans (4)

An arrest of zainichi (Korean) taken place February 16th 2007 made me deeply ascertain my speculation, Fake Uyoku, which are ultra-nationalists acting vandalisms, may be mainly composed of Korean. (This car is the very starting point of my speculation.) More investigation unraveled one mystery after another and reached a horrible mastermind, North Korea. The Uyoku (rightist) turned out not Uyoku (rightist) but Sayoku(leftist)!

Police arrested Li Kazuo, 이일웅 (63) on a charge of extortion of his company, Trust Japan, to domestic companies, selling books of "History of Buraku discrimination" and "Japanese northern territory deprived of by Russia." for $4000. They have earned 1.8 billion yen ($18,000,000) in three years.

At a glance of this news, I sensed that this must be a job by Koreans, not knowing the suspect's name. There's two reasons:
1)Fake Uyoku eagerly claim Japanese northern territory againt Russia while their activities against South Korea (an islet Takeshima) have been lacking spirit. Rumors say this gap is owing to the fact that a number of Uyoku (rightists) members are not Japanese rightists, but Fake Uyoku, disguised by Korean.
2)It is well-known that zainichi(Korean) have a tight relationship with Buraku people who have been discriminated for more than 100 years. People say many Buraku people are already taken over by Korean, and getting more and more aggressive.

My guess was right. They have extorted contributions as a book expense with a threat "otherwise Uyoku cars will barge in."

I drew an illustration for better understanding. Zainichi founded a vender that sells books. Of course the price of the book is extraordinary. However, the company can compulsively sell those books to nearby companies once everyone knows Uyoku cars may stroll for obstruction of business. In order to avoid sucha an extortion, they make an easy compromise, paying $4000 for 5 books.

What is interesting to me is that Trust Japan, Inc. has a connection to Uyoku cars. They let Uyoku cars exist to exert their power. Citizens regard those Uyoku as ultranationalists dragging imperialism from prewar era, but now you know why I am calling them Fake Uyoku? They are no more than extortion groups who have no faith in country.

The past three articles, (1) (2) and (3), deal with three remarkable incidents accompanied by those Uyoku groups, and they are of course Fake Uyoku, having a relation to Korean.

Since Koizumi and Abe regimes, those clans have been severely monitored by police and prosecution. In other words, they were never be arrested just because they could cast the magic spell, "Don't you ever discriminate people like us."

The problem of Fake Uyoku is one of the major dark sides of post-war society.

Appendix added on 2/24/2007
Part of the money TrustJapan earned turned out to be donated to a lawmaker, Wada Shizuo (80), who was a big member of Socialist Party of Japan (Pro-China, USSR, DPRK). "He was also the president of TrustJapan," the Hiroshima police announced. He went to DPRK in 1999 from August 12 to 19th as the representative of Japan-DPRK Friendship Center. I say he is a so-called fellow traveler of North Korea. He went to DPRK in 1997, too, so there's no doubt about that. (Due to lack of diplomatic relations between DPRK and Japan, going to DPRK are rarely made unless you have a special occasion.)

We sometimes say an irony about leftists: just because they claim too much liberty from nation, Japan now has no protection against spies, other threats, or crimes. This incident means a lot to me. The mastermind was a fellow traveler of North Korea. He had a friendship with DPRK, utilized Korean, made them disguise themselves as Uyoku, threatened people to extort money, and created a mood that rightist were dangerous.


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