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Friday, February 23, 2007

Now the police is doing their job

They say frontline officers had been frustrated with high-handed methods by zainichi from North Korea. Every time before they raid on the buildings, they got an order to stop them from raiding. However, the top official appointed by Japanese PM Abe pledged a hard-line attitude toward North Korea. The succesive raids defenately reflect their policy. One of the arrests included a remarkable result, capturing a big scientist who learned Engineering at Tokyo university. He was a representative figure on development Taepodong. Other arrests on Koreans may not be related to North Korea, but I listed them.

I wanted to describe the details on each raid, but it's so many! Let me just make short comments: See this article or this for the past raids. You may see how terrific zainichi's reactions are. It's like Yakuza. Well, they are indeed Yakuza if you get to know the truth, though.

2006 Dec. 5th
An arrest on 河 英哲(36)in Kobe. I posted this once. Click here for details.

Dec. 25th
Eight member group was arrested on "It's me" fraud. 李 貴信(28) and the other 7 members have defrauded 250 people of $250,000 by promising.

Jan. 10th Kobe, Hyogo
金 滝夫(44)performing tax services without license.
The raid mobilized 100~300 members of police vs 100 members for DPRK.

Jan. 24th in Tokyo
曺 和秀(71), arrested on unlicensed plastic surgery at Ebisu Clinic.

Jan. 28th in Shiga
全達守(68)and 金 定雄(63)were arrested on fraud registration for vehecles.

Jan. 29th in Kanagawa
Two Korean were arrested on unauthorized personnel-service business. But it was aimed at arresting a scientist, 徐 錫洪(74), who had something to do with development of missiles, Taepodong. He is known to have flown to DPRK once in August, 1998 and last year when the missiles "Taepodong" were launched. He was an expert in rocket engineering in Tokyo university. After graduation at Tokyo University, he continued his study on propulsion device at a nearby institute.

Feb.1st in Aichi
金 在七 (48) was arrested on theft of Budda statues from shrines on August 3rd 2005. The rest of two member of the gang flew away to Korea. They stabbed a dagger into the dweller of the temple.

Feb. 1st in Fukushima
史 明順(32) was arrested on selling fake Chanel.

Feb.5th in Hokkaido
A restaurant was raided in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
金 和秀 and two other were arrested. The police cracked down on tax cheats a hundred million yen (~ $ 1,000,000). They've got two Orders of First-class National Flag from DPRK. Probably they contributed a lot to the government by cheating tax.

Feb. 6th in Kobe, Hyogo
A raid was executed collecting 600 members of police.

The new trend of their canpaign is use young ladies in front and let them shout. I just wonder from where they appeared.

According to a Japanese blogger who ran into this raid, it was a never-seen-before melee with huge roar.

Feb. 15th in Kanagawa
曹 守夫(62) was arrested on murder while drunk.

Feb. 22nd in Fukuoka
白 行雄(45) was arrested on assistance in robbery into Pachinko shop in Jan. 27th 2003.

One of the purposes of those raids is of course cutting money source for DPRK. Since their tax declaration had been free from inspection by their local tax office, cheating was pretty easy. They send money to DPRK in part due to their loyalty. Investigation of organized crime, abduction, by zainichi groups is another reason. The abductions were well-planned crimes carried out by spies with support of local zainichi civilians.

I've found more more crimes by Koreans during this past three months, but I'm out! So tired.


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At 4/26/2007 02:19:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 4/26/2007 02:20:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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