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Friday, July 28, 2006

Korean cult leaders - Here comes again

Hey! It's Korean cult again! I was so stunned to see the newspaper yesterday because Korean cult leaders have been revealed one after another. Japanese Police has placed Jung Myung Suk (鄭 明析(61)) on the wanted list 2006 who founded a religious group called "Setsuri" or "Morning star" in 1980s. (I wrote 'he was arrested' last week, but I had someone who pointed out that was a mistake. I appreciate it and erased the wrong part.) Indicted for rapes by Seoul, he has been on the lam to Japan since 1999. The action of police in Japan was after his over 100 cases of repeated rapes on his believers. The news also reported that he commited a number of rapes also in Taiwan and Italy against Taiwanese and Western women.

This incident reminded me of a similar incident by a clergyman, Kim Tamotsu (金 保(62)) because they are Korean although Kim is zainichi(Korean born in Japan). This news of his arrest was brought last year, causing over 30 victims including female children until 2005. Starting from raping adult women since 1991, he gradually shifted his sexual interest to children. After raping, he imposed silence on the young casualties with a simple threat, "open mouth and you deceive god." He even lures children into his house for atopy curing with his "god hands" at times.

I want to remind you that the leader of SGI (Soka Gakkai International with a zainichi leader) was accused of a rape at court in 1996. I'm not sure what was the verdict, but ordinarily speaking, Korean religions are somewhat dangerous.

A funny thing is that no mass media directly tells that Korean cults are dangerous. TV programs or newspapers are very talkative and aggressive to other foreigners' crimes such as a rape a men from Peru committing on a child last year. If you'd suspect this is because of zainichi's power on mass media, I'd say you are now very acquainted.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Soka Gakkai - High possibility of North Korean

Here comes again! Soka Gakkai International. Known as the largest Buddism sect in Japan, Soka Gakkai International (SGI) has gaind its victory (it's their favorite phrase) over 190 countries. Of course the religion was born in 1937 in Japan as a normal religion, worshipping Budda. However, Some of Japanese rightists say it's a Korean religion and there's a lot of chances of takeover by Korean since after WWII. Let's see how those Japanese get to have such an idea.

For those who already read my articles about SGI, it's easy to grasp how SGI has been undermining Japan. Drug bootlegging from North Korea into Japan is one of a good examples to depict its deed. Keeping 8% of Japanese parliament seats, it exerts huge power to control Japan's politics. Of the massive power scattered in every authority, Ikeda Daisaku --the leader since 1972-- was said to be the "king of Japan", superior to the past Japanese Prime Ministers except Koizumi. The acme of him was until recent: Prime Minister Mori (2000 - 2001) hadn't been born until Mori got Ikeda's permission. Just after Mori's period started, he angered Ikeda because he made a careless comment on Japan as "a gods' country". According to Ikeda, Japan should be a Budda's country. Mori reluctantly made a correction after receiving lots of accusing by mass media which was controlled by SGI.

The code of conduct of SGI is very similar to that of evil zainichi network, and they are very confident to make it convincive about this. (Zainichi is Koean living Japan. Many of them are good, but some exceptional groups have been trained to spy on Japan.)

The pics are all SGI related flags. The left is the same as Romanian, but it's a SGI s flag. The middle is for a school of SGI, and the right is for a French branch. The distinct three primary colors looks a bit deviated from normal sense of Japanese. The kite below is by the way made by a Korean, using the same combinations.

Apparently Korean people have liked those vivid primary colors. This is just a first step, though. I know it's not guaranteed that SGI is Korean polluted. I also obtained a pic of Ikeda Daisaku with his wife in a typical Korean outfit in May 1998. Ikeda had never allowed to visit South Korea because he is for North Korea. But he did visit it because of the historical reconciliation around that time between South and North Korea led by Kim Dae Jung. Note that South Korean SGI was publically designated as an incorporated foundation in 2000 by Kim Dae Jung. In response to this development, SGI has been tightening the bond also with South Korea. Japanese rightists are very concerned about the recent relationship because it actually led to anti-Japanese movement: visiting Yasukuni Shrine has been extensively accused of by SGI and South Korea. Koizumi was very frightened since the opponent is inside his ruling coalition partner(SGI officially support New Komeito).

I got tired of typing English, so let me list many circumstance evidences:

SGI also likes mass game which North Korea often likes to do.

A magazine published by SGI in March 2000 cites an interview to Ikeda. "I have a memory of my father teaching me Korean," he says in the interview.

I came across a pic of Baggio, a famous soccer player in Italy. Look at his tricolor arm badge! Let me know if you have any information on him. (He may be just a good believer, so I'm not the one who attempts to disgrace him.)

*** CAUTION ***
SGI officially negates the suspicion of Ikeda being zainichi(Korean). So please be advised that my article this time is not reinforced by reliable evidences.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

North Korean missiles to Hawaii

OK, remember where the missiles including Taepodong 2 landed in with the picture below. Memorize the shape of Hokkaido, a northern island of Japan if you are not familiar with the geography there. The missles landed around Hokkaido island.

And then, take a look at the pic below:

Woops! Kim Jong Il sees Hawaii!

Following many bloggers, I also agree with the expectation that he is just a wuss and the military is the talker this time. North Korea withdrew an aid for the developent of nuclear factories in 1990s by launching a missle, so they are scrounging again. (After writing this, I read an opinion about how well Kim Jong Il is handling the military. That opinion seemed convincing. So I'd refrain from careless conclusion this time.)

It's obvious for you if you're American to cooperate with Japan and let Japan intercept missiles before reaching out to Hawaii. Same discussion can be applied to Australia. I know that Vegemites are very concerned about the missiles, too. France and Germany are such foolish pacifists that they can't acknowledge this fact because they think cold war already ceased entirely. The world is easy if so.

The unique radar "FPX-XX" with a mailed surface is called "Gamera radar" after a tortoise monster in a Japanese movie. With phased array antennas, it was designed to follow the trajectory of ICBMs without swinging antennas, and it has been installed in Chiba prefecture, a suburb of Tokyo. If you're American, just think about maintaining cost for those systems overseas on your own in order to block ICBMs from China or North Koera aiming at the land of America; you can't afford to them unless you are happy to dissipate limited budget. Japan has been doing such a only "soft defense" because of their strict constitution, yet it's an improvement in spite of being surrounded by hysterical anti-war movements which try to undermine the ally between Japan and America.

Anyway, this may be a revolutionary change of the relation between Japan and America. It used to be a one-way protection regime: America protecting Japan. The concept of mutual protection, however, surely promises America that the new ally pays off.