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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Leave Israel alone and turn back to backyard

What most of Japanese have as an impression on recent strategy of US around middle East would be "apparently they are wasting money and getting burnt out."

The most unbelievable fact for us is that news of dead US soldiers have been frequently reported, which never happens in Japan where soldiers' life are extremely enhanced since the end of WWII, subscribers of a message board, 2ch, say.

While US mass media appeal that those patriotic soldiers protect citizens from terrorism overseas, cameras are totally apathy toward the urgent crisis in East Asia. Here Japan and Taiwan are confronting three big tyrants, China, Russia, and North Korea. Plus South Korea is almost swallowed and colored with red by to-be the same country.

Meanwhile curiosity seekers in Japan found out US mass media are so influenced by jewish people. Controlled by Israel, it isn't like the country holding hegemony over the world. Now you know US has more enemies these days than ten years ago. Make up another enemy and Bush is OK with it because the approval rate rises up.

This situation is like, US is doing a high-pitch dancing themselves to burn out while others are gaining power. One of only a few countries, Japan, is today highly worried about this, knowing that US showed its moderate attitude toward North Korea after the news of nuclear test.

What is worse is that North Korea will bolster their self-confidence and never stop developing nuclear weapons. Some in Washington are hesitated by the threat "Seoul to be sheet of fire". In this sense, it's correct to retreat US military from Seoul. However, I anticipate a black future: this threat will develop to "Seoul, Tokyo, and California to be sheet of fire" 5 years later and they are going to withdraw much more grubstake that would cover their military expenditure first.

Bush and white house must take immediate actions to pressure more on Pyonyang such as point attack on Pyonyang and nuclear facilities. The reason they are stuck is they don't see the ultimate goal in East Asia; it has to be set as "regime change from inside North Korea into a democratic country, propagating to China". That way, US and Japan can appreciate the safety of Pacific Ocean with minimum effort. The wave of democracy must arise inside its body, and a counter-example evidence is clearly shown in the case of Iraq. They never get together for co-existence with support of America. However, we can bring democracy to North Korea with a bit of booster shot.

As a matter of fact, many polemicists in Japan already predicted the particulars of Iraq. Since Bush pictured the fantasy, "bring democracy to Iraq as we did on Japan and Germany", a misconception is to be lead to a disaster. He should have known that Iraq composes several peoples.

The best way is thus leave Israel alone and turn to East Asia with the same slogan, "Bring democracy to North Korea." In contrast to democratic Iran, it would be much easier to change this country only if US has wisdom not to put the critical problem on the back burner.

Friday, October 20, 2006

TV Asahi, Way too judgmental to nuclear argument

TV Asahi is one of the most major TV networks. There's a pretty limited number of countrywide TV networks, 6 or 7 of them. Therefore, it's easy to imagine that they have secretive deals all the time among them and decide what to report and what not to. The information we can get is therefore filtered by their arbitrary codes.

As I continuously insist, all of the TV networks have exposed distinct aspects as traitors to Japan except Sankei group. Since their wish is to overthrow their government, they never fail to try to undermine their government on any issues even if it's not for our development.

The reaction they showed to "a careless statement" by Shoichi Nakagawa is a case in point. He suggested that the argument whether we have nuclear weapons is allowed or not could be resourceful, and mass media pounced on him as expected.

I'll show you what I recorded Oct. 16th 2006, broadcasted by TV asahi, which I refer to as one of the "traitors".

It reported first the nuclear test executed by North Korea several days ago. They spent 9 minutes for this.

And here it comes. The above newscaster initiated a spark with a skeptical face and comment, "This statement provoked an immediate reaction from China, America, and parliament in Tokyo." The ticker says "causing significant ripples beyond Japan".

Well, from now on, you don't wanna see a lot of redundancy; TV asahi just tries to display many authorities to warn his statement. This guy shown in the above pic is from Democratic party, the second largest party that has never got their regime because they are survivors of Socialist Party that was very friendly to China, Soviet and North Korea. Japanese citizens have encountered a serious dilemma whether we choose Democratic party or not just because Democratic party can't read our mind since forever.

The next guy above is from Komeito, which is the incarnation of Soka Gakkai International. Although they are in governing regime, they don't even try to help him, and they repeat criticizing him. Komeito is known as a quick-change artist and you know why.

The man above is the person amid charges, Shoichi Nakagawa. If you carefully listen to his statement, he doesn't say anything about hurrying over getting armed with nuclear weapons. He is just saying that "since this is a democratic country, there's no reason to stop the discussion." Well, everyone knew that he secretly wants nukes, though.

Wow, there's so many people coming out to leave comments in this program. Next is an old man who is a representative of a victims group in Hiroshima. Those antinuclear groups are outstanding when protesting actions by America or Japan while they are silent when China or North Korea did the same thing. Well, just think about the money source. The fund for their movement has been supported by Social Democratic Party (North Korea side) or Communist party (China side). If you are American, that's what you really have to think about. If you want to pursuit peaceful Japan without nuclear weapons or regretful Japan about WWII, it is equivalent to bolster anti-Americanism as I told before. If those evil parties supported by China gets power, Japan will turn their face to China and be colored with anti-Americanism. (*please be advised that the group of this old man is not supported China or North Korea. There's other radical groups.)

The host of this program is also showing his doubt about Nakagawa's statement.

A commentator in the right is tricky. He is once interrogated during this program several months ago by Abe (current prime minister) whether he has a spy by North Korea as a close friend. Yep, this commentator is a sympathizer of North Korea.

I'll show you his close-up pic above. As a clear evidence, he didn't leave any important comment on North Korea in the previous news. But in contrast, he was very shrill when it comes to Nakagawa's statement. To begin with, which should be blamed first, one who actually did a nuke test or one who did a statement on beginning a discussion on building nukes? Sadly enough, we have only this news program during 10:00 to 11:15 in the night, so many of us can't help watching this biased TV news program.

After all, they spent 9 minutes just to criticize Nakagawa's statement. Althouth I didn't take a vidcap, they also reported the reaction of China and America in the middle of this news to lead us to a conclusion that the world is very concerned about Japan's atomic armament. Nine minites they spent is exactly the same length of time as they spent on North Korea. Is "a comment by a person about a proposal of argument of atomic armament" really supposed to be blamed spending so much time?

Good news is that liberalization of TV networks is going to be enforced five years later and more than 50 of other TV networks will be allowed to compete with those existing and corrupted ones.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Naive antinuclear movement

As a democratic country since 120 years ago, Japan must have appreciated freedom of speech. A bad habit, however, is they tend to form "a mood" in which a different opinion may be coldly looked on.

A LDP (Liberal Democratic Party, the governing party.) member and a cadreman, Shoichi Nakagawa, suddenly became famous these days because of his 'careless' statement, "Japan may be armed with nuclear weapons." Some of you may know this issue has been a taboo in Japan after WWII. Several years ago, a cabinet member resigned his job due to his similar statement on nuclear weapons; citizens and mass media didn't allow him to remain a cabine member at that time. But I suppose this time Nakagawa would be survive although he also is a cadreman (not a minister).

Obviously the general opinion in Japan has been changed at least among young people below 40. Older people, on the other hand, don't seem to allow such an opinion because they have fewer opportunities to get away from TV. In other words, TVs are typically dragging anti-war sentiment, that is, they can't let this opinion exist. (One of the evidences how TVs are irrtional about nucler weapons, go to this article.)

A funny thing is that they protest nukes very loudly when it comes to Japan or America while they seem indifferent when China or North Korea does the same thing. To begin with, Japan didn't even started discussing it while North Korea is actually done with experiment. Why didn't they freak out when North Korea did it?

Furthermore, the antinuke movement attempts to shut out different opinions. They never say "let's talk, and we'll know it." What they want to do is cast a slogan and make people follow it. I'd sarcastically confess that's very funny.

If we discuss it throughly, and even if we reach an conclusion that not having it is our way, that should be respected. What I can't stand is I'm a citizen of an immature country where a variety of opinions is avoided!

Several years ago when a cabinet member resigned as mentioned above, I was teaching math to high school students. We were talking about the news. And I asked, "You know there are some people who insist that we should have nuclear weapons, right? Their reason is 'Japan was attacked by nukes because we didn't have ability to attack them with nukes.' How do you refute this logic?" They looked very shocked and frightened to hear that, and I can't forget the faces they showed to me. Probably they have never discussed such a touchy issue in their history class although that's the principal one for Japanese. Well, looks like teachers in Japan have been mass-producing students who don't know what 'thinking' is all about.