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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A boy ! you know what I mean.

As a skeptic watcher of Imperial family of Japan, I'd like to say, "Gees, what a luck, Princess Kiko."

A 2558-gram boy was born September 6th early morning after C-secion on Princess Kiko, who was not going to be the Empress. The to-be-Empress was suppoosed to be Aiko, but this plan may be overthrown thanks to this happy news.

I drew the family tree above, so it helps you overlook the situation. It really was a crisis of extinction. Just click on the image for an enlarged picture.

Although all the Japan should welcome the long-awaited male heir, one of the five major TV channels, TV ASAHI, reported this news with a comment, "We'd have to congratulate the birth," by the commentator. He also made another couple of incomprehensible comments, "If a member from the family were to marry a foreigner, we'd feel a bond with them," and "it'll make us think about a cost of bringing up the baby."

This inadvertent statement has angered some of the viewers, especially old (>70) and young(20~30) people as far as I guess. Old people were raised to worship Emperor, so there's no doubht. Very young people are on the other hand very skeptic about mass media, which makes them support the Imperial family, in contrast to mass media. Anyhow, it's not necessary for TV ASAHI to say such a thing on the very day even if they don't like imperial family.

I wrote some other articles on the family, so visit them if you'd like. It will be a tad tough marker.
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Anyway, Banzai!