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Friday, June 23, 2006

We all are pissed off with Princess Masako

The "We" here didn't mean mass media, but us who have been discovering what's happening behind the heavy curtain of Imperial family. It's just thanks to blogs or huge message board, 2ch. Besides them, only a few tabloid magazines betray this fact about our cursed Imperial family.

For those who have no idea about Japan's imperial family, I'll write a few beforehand. Our biggest concern is their heir. Only girls are born in the past two decades, so people's hope was concentrated in princess Masako, who has only given birth to one girl. Therefore it's taboo to complain about her because otherwise it would make her nervous and influence her pregnancy.

I have noticed last year that some bloggers began to blame princess Masako's activity with her baby girl and her husband taking a rest and playing tennis on 8/15, anniversary of the end of World War II. Their Emperor and his wife in contrast attended an annual ceremony in Tokyo to commemorate war dead despite their old age. I thought that it's OK because the princess could be very stressed and she may as well have a little more fun than original imperial family since she was an outsider. And I also looked those who are irritable as the very ones who make Masako stressful.

However, I changed my mind this year, and you are gonna, too.
Let me list all the circumstantial evidence occurred recently which never explains that she's just in a depressive phase:

*After tennis in the afternoon at their resort villa, dinner at a hotel on 8/15(anniversary of the end of World War II).
*Mornings of Masako are late around 10 while prince and their child take breakfast at 8. So he takes his child to her kindergarten.
*A typical weekend begins with Prince's jogging around palace, but he's alone.
*Masako is said to attend and eagerly listened to a seminar at UN university on "necessary improvement for developing countries when enacting environmental treaties". Note that this subject is her favorite. She is FINE when doing her favorites.
*Last year the princess and prince went to a classic concert, but she left there in the middle of playing. She didn't seem to be fond of classic.
*She cancelled the birthday party of the Emperor last year.
*Last year when the prince was attending 2005 World Exposition in Aichi as a guest, she was at Tokyo University, auditing a symposium of Harvard University. (That means she sabotaged her job and went to her favorite "auditing speeches by westerns.)

The above behaviors are not enough to explain her all! What I can't stand is she is having a fun while other Imperial families are left to bear the burden. Princess Kiko, who is a sister-in-law with Masako, was witnessed to take an economy-classed seat when flying to Okinawa on official business. The Emperor and Empress even eat away time weekends and performed public affairs. Princess Masako must be tired of humble, busy life of mandatory work of Imperial family. I know it's very boring just listening to be a guest and making a speech surrounded by strangers. But the prince is all alone.

Since criticizing any of imperial family is taboo on TV, very few people knew her spring fever for her own interest and idleness for official business. Last year a huge discussion was made on Masako's behavior in a message board, 2ch, and the opinion was totally splitted into two. I thought it was very controversial. But now, the same discussion almost settled in Masako bashing this year.

The collapse of Japanese imperial family has been taking place from inside. Emperor Hirohito (passed away) and Akihito (current emperor) were great and far from selfish. Historically, Japanese emperors have been very humble; did you ever eat Japanese Emperor's feast? I've never heard of that. (Sushi was used to be for merchants.)
Now the prince is just a husband of "Socrates' wife", she's Ono Yoko. I'm sad.

Now they say that Masako is planning to fly to Netherlands for vacation. She must have forgotten she had a miscarriage due to a lot of wine bottles while staying in Netherland several years ago. (I've got a correction from a blogger that it was Belgium, not Netherland.)

BTW, there's more behind this lax princess: what was she doing in the middle of night with three officers from Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Zennikku hotel last year? They all are single and the members of Soka Gakkai (SGI). Why is Soka Gakkai always tagging on Japan's important affair?

George Wasington refused to become the first king, but I can assure you it was wise of him to do it.

You wanna know more about our cursed imperial family?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Whale and Tuna (1)

Look at that picture! The meat looks very fresh, and it must be delicious if you eat it raw. I'm drooling, but the dish at the restaurant cost 40 bucks. Unbelievable!

Recently I have found an article reporting DNA tests showing Japan's illegal hunting of humpback whales. The endangered species must be protected or conserved. Feel free to prosecute Japan if they violate the international law. But as long as Japan keeps hunting annually 50 humpback whales, the species is sustainable, and this is what we want. We are in a sense the most caring people about the number of whales because if a species becomes extinct, we can't eat them anymore.

Some other species, minke whales for instance, have gained their population (not acknowledged by IWC, but abundant), and it's reasonable to catch them, keeping them sustainable. What's wrong about that? Those whales, the predators of small marine wildlife, can't get too much larger in population because they may conversely endanger those wildlife such as sardines. Minke whales are sometimes referred to "sea mice" because of their fertility. The drawback of whale fundamentalist is that they don't care about the total food chain. Overpopulated minke whales will end up cornering blue whales due to scrambling krill they feed on. A study has revealed that the comsumption of marine wildlife by total whales outweighs that by human beings by a factor of 3~5.(Sorry, I don't have the source of this information.) Some Japanese researchers have been investigating this food chain and showed the data, but protesters are not willing to be scientific, making creepy screams like greenpeace. Let's just think about the whole ecosystem and stop biased blanket protection.

What I am very afraid of is the doubt you'd bear about Japanese sincerity like: "Japan is a huge fish consumer and they feel nothing about making many spicies extinct. Japan keep eating world's resources for free!"

Do you know southern bluefin tuna? It's also endangered, and the comission for the conservation of bluefin tuna was founded among Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, and the organization began to apply strict quotas to their fishing fleets from 1985. The principal non member nations were Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia. Korea and Taiwan finally joined the commission in 2001 and 2002 after repeated requests. Indonesia is still the one which is reluctant. The case of southern bluefin tuna is just one example, but nowadays Japan is a leading country with a great awareness about sea resources! It seems to me that some other countries are just focused on whales as a symbol of sea resources, but you'd have to think about the entire food chain. The amount of hunting of anchovy is getting less year by year. What do you know about sea creatures except whales? Since we eat so many kinds of fish that we are very sensitive. Think about Tuna and anchovy as well. If small fish become extinct, whales become in danger and you know why. Keeping a good proportion in marinal food chain is of great importance.

Lots of interesting news there, like this:
"A DNA test conducted by Japanese Fisheries Agency on the 148 tons tuna caught and exported to Japan last Novemeber as Pacific big-eye tuna by a Chinese tuna longliner revealed the false report on the origin. The fish were from the Atlantic,not the Pacific. Japan urged China to investigate the case and also temporalily banned the import of tuna from the vessel.Tighter regulations for Atlantic big-eye tuna have been impopsed than the Pacific."

Seems like it's better to supervise those outlaws.

I created a Q and A section below about whale hunting.

Q1. What kind of whales became extinct?
A1. No whales have ever been hunted to extinction.

Q2. Aren't whales supposed to have a high level of intelligence?
A2. Then why don't you think about protecting crows? They are clever.

Q3. Why isn't your heart hurt seeing cute whales being killed?
A3. Why isn't your heart hurt seeing cute chicken being killed?

Q4. Pro-whaling nations often argue that whales should be culled to protect fish stocks. That's like blaming woodpeckers for deforestation.
A4. Well, why don't you disprove our scientific data with statistics. Don't be emotional.

Q5. Japanese people should be more democratic and listen to our argument.
A5. Yeah, we do. Japanese mass media neutrarily report this, and because of this, 15 % people protest whaling, and 30% think Japan can give in for avoiding international friction. Looks like UK is not a democratic country, excluding neutral way of thinking because thier journalism is already biased:
Why don't you allow the other opinion to exist in your country? Or BBC is just shortsighted anti-Japanese. I hate BBC ever.

Q6. Do you eat dogs, too, right? I saw a TV program about that. Asian are just cruel.
A6. That's Korean. We are Japanese. Can't you distinguish even this?

Q7. The big problem for me is that Japan doesn't have any need to hunt whales. They have a massive surplus of whale meat from their "research" hunting already, nobody really wants to eat it. It's all about petty nationalism and politics.
A7. You're right even though this is not a question. It's all about petty Anglo-Saxon's nationalism and politics. Reding newspapers from both sides, Anglo-saxon's papers tend to lose their control on emotion while Japan's ones stick to neutrality. So, you know which one is more barbaric; it's the reaction of Anglo-Saxon. I recommend that you doubt your irrational mass media.

Q8. What remains a mystery is why Japan is so obsessed with the resumption of whaling.
A8. What remains a mystery is why Australia is so obsessed with the ban of whaling.

Q9. But your country feed dogs with whale meat, right?
A.9 That is what they call propaganda. Propaganda is usually accompanied with exaggeration, making a teeny aspect look very serious. There's only one company manufacturing dog food from whale meat, and I have never seen their products neighborhood. Since making dog food from whale meat is not bannd by IWC, there's nothing we can do about it and this is what the company can decide. If there was a murder in Iraq by a UK's soldier, do you like newspapers to write "The fact: UK's troop kill Iraqi"?
Read this, and I'm sure you are going to be caved about the brainwashing process by biased mass media :
This is a website run by a NewZealander, and his discussion is very refined.

Wanna see Whale and Tuna (2)?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NHK doesn't want American base.

The largest and the most powerful TV media, NHK, whose english name is Japan Broadcasting Corporation, did it again. It broadcast a totally made-up program on the American base in Okinawa on the 10 th of June. It's a very serious crisis for us; just think BBC or CNN makes a totally biased discussion. NHK is the ONLY public TV media in Japan! The title of this program is "Japan in Asia from now on". The title stinks a little bit.

The program kicks in with the subtitle "What do you think of American bases in Japan?" and I saw several tens of citizens presumably chosen arbitrary from verious generations because the name tag on each one's cloth says their name and occupation, from which no one woudn't suspect they are deliberately chosen.

I've been insisting that almost all the Japanese media are ruled by anti-Americanism, anti-Japonism, and pro-Korea-Chinese except Fuji-Sankei group. And at last I'll show the absolute evidence of it from now on, reportiing it in detail. But let me say my conclusion already based on this wrong incident: "My guess was right. NHK is occupied by someone different from us!"

The TV program started to ask the guests their opinions. One of the guests shown in the left picture apparently is a housewife because her tag says it. After this program I came across an excelent blog in which the author examined every guest invited by NHK. What a leasured blogger! So I know who the hell this housewife is. She actually turned out to be one of the leaders who oppose American supplyment warehouse in Sagamihara(in Kanagawa prefecture). She was very outstanding throughout this program because of her extreme rudeness; she intercepted an explanation from Defense Agency chief about North Korea's missles, and she shouted "I don't wanna hear that!" It's not only her. The next pic with a girl is more evident. She pretends that she can't hear the talk of Japanese Defense Agency chief, who is the head of Japanese military! (He is very famous because he was in Koizumi's cabinet.) Can you behave like that while listening to Rumsfeld's talk?
The camera work annoys me, too. They are doing this on purpose as if the talk of the Defense Agency chief is worth nothing.

The next guest started reading a letter on a recent incident where a girl was raped by three American soldiers in Okinawa. The camera then focuses on an actress who was sobbing hearing that story. The Mrs. who read the letter turned out also an activist of "An organization to keep American base away" in Okinawa. I found the actress, Azuma Chizuru, also riled me up; there was a discussion about the threat by China, and a columnist was trying to take this up, "China is about to invade Taiwan. That's obviously a threat to the peace of East Asia." and she goes, "Why would we have to label it as a threat?"

The three men also are activists: the left one belongs to "Life protect organization in Henogo (Henogo is in Okinawa.)" The middle one's occupation is a teacher in a kindergarten, but he actually is also an activist in a movement of "An appeal of no guard city", and the right one turned out to be involved with "non-nuke city, Yokosuka". I mean, every single gist is a made-up, camera work, guests, and the host. And audience, a bunch of Korean and Chinese, were surrounding the guests although they didn't state anything. It was enough to make an impression that Japan has been a trouble maker for East Asia if you take a glance at their furious face. Don't you think they ought to invite American side, too? Of course several conservative debaters or celebrities were invited, and they pointed out drawbacks if American troops retract. But consider how many other guests sit in the opposite side. The program just needs scapegoats.

The TV program never forget to look neutral; the host introduces several faxes that have arrived in the middle of the program. Many opinions from both sides were read up, but the camera casually focuses on the guests frowning and shaking their head when reading pro-American faxes. Just remember, on the other hand, the camera followed the sobbing actress to induce a serious mood when a rape incident was taken up.

Here's another one: they took a vote. A very predictable result, though. Most of them chose the blue, which is needless to say, No America!

This series of program was similarly made last year in August, and one of the guests was discovered to be an agent form zainichi. Adachi Yoko, a teacher of a high school in Tokyo, pretends she was just a guest, but my allied blogger blew her secret. If you don't know much about zainichi, just jump to my main page and look for "zainichi" section. Ironically "zainichi" has become the most important key word to my blog.

The last vote including all the conference room, phones, and faxes was whether Japan should strengthen the ally with United States. You sure did see the result above, didn't you? The red is for America, and blue represents the opposite opinion, which shared over 60%. It is a good figure to make the vote look democratic, isn't it?

Now you see that Japan is such an developing country behind many other sophistated civillizations. We must take our right back from those manipulative influences since post WWII. However, it seems a tad difficult for the majority of Japanese citizens to penetrate those slick, brainwashing programs. They have been raised to be so pacifistic that they don't realize their democracy remains illusion. They'll hardly get to win their own media to prosecute those propaganda even if they started to feel there's something wrong about mass media.

A opinion from one of the guests in the last five minutes was impressive, "Mass media around us today are all propaganda except for this program." Very funny.

NHK is getting more and more agressive against American, broadcasting similar program the day before this program, too. Since NHK is very decisive and popular among 50s to 60s, which I'm not, the emotion of those people may become worse than the past 10 years.

The source of this information is mainly from this blog: (written all in Japanese.)
Thanks, blogger2005jp!
And I'll take a short time off of this blog for a couple of months. Bye now!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Whale and Tuna (2)

Since I enjoyed very much discussing with a blogger Japan's whale hunting which has annoyed Anglo-Saxons, I uploaded the discussion as a new article this time. Thanks, Mr.Ballistic. If you don't want it to be open, I'll delete it. See the first article "Whale and Tuna (1)" if you haven't.

Mr. Ballistic:Looks yummy. I too am suspicious about the figures those zealots at greenpeace put out about wildlife populations, a real conflict of interest. However my problems with the hunt are from a more pragmatic approach.

1) Are people really buying whale meat? If the reports about meat consumption are accurate many Japanese have been swayed by the very savvy Greenpeace Media Machine(tm). How many models will parade around Tokyo nude in the name of whale meat? (OH GOD I just had a really BAD vision of a bunch of Jerry Springer Guests doing that.)

I have read the whalers have resorted to making dog food and school lunches out of it.
Deep sea fishing can't be cheap. You the Japanese taxpayer foot the bill if people won't eat it.

2) More importantly those research hunts are the barest pretense for commerical harvesting. 1,000 Minke whales for a survey their behavior? I mean Gallup predicts presidents with smaller statistical samples than this.

Instead of trying to engage an honest (albeit probably futile) attempt to change public opinion they violate the spirt if not the writ of whaling treaties. This kind of chicanery really insults the intelligence of any honest mediator.

This is not at time when Japan can lose brownie points with the International Court of Justice.
Norway and Iceland can afford to ignore the ICJ, how many rogue (and or) nuclear powers are attempting land grabs off their shores? What do you want to bet that when Dokdo/Takeshima comes before the ICJ by 2009 that some Korean lawyer is going to tie Japanese whaling in with this?

For your information crows are Federally Protected Thanks to the wonderful 1972 Ammendment to the Migratory Bird Act. You can't even sell the meat from those feathered rats, though I doubt it would look as good as that dish you have.

yellowpeep:Thanks to acetous comments.

1) I've never heard that the whale meat is about to be used for dog food. They say it tastes iron when eaten as it is, yet the fries or the stew could be amusement. What I can assure you is the demand won't be as high as tuna because of the strange taste.
The rumor of "dog food" may be just a rare case which is taken advantage of because it can be a catchy headline. Or, If they utilize the bones, grind it, and mix it with dog food for calcium, it could be the material for criticizing.

It's important to serve whales to school to teach the culture of whale eating. School people are not obsessed with whales, just once a year or around. Anyway, the demand won't be high enough to endanger the population. We should be more concerned about tuna.

2)Hunting thousands of whales under the name of research sounds weird to me, too. They should comform to the agreement at ICJ or whatever about the number of huntings, and I hope Japan has been adhering.
Korean always do what Japan didn't want them to do, so I don't care. Japan once tried to have an agreement between Korean's dog eating and Japan's whale eating, but they are a kind of people who break a rule and demand something instead.

From my point of view, the protesters' point is not clear and sounds kind of sly. Rarity value, their intelligence, or the cuteness in turn becomes their excuse once one was refuted.

Tokyo prefecture, e.g., has been killing thousands of crows these days and I've heard no objections from Anglo Saxon. Greenpeace should send their butt and beg crows' life at trashboxes (crows scavenge them!). You know your heart won't hurt as much when a crow was killed. So "intelligence of whales" can't be the reason.

Mr. Ballistic: If the economics of whale hunting turn out well, then more power to Japan. I am neither a Logistics or Marine ecology expert. Hunting whales might pay.

What I find disappointing is the real lack of "soft power" over getting whaling legalized. Compared with the deft approach to the Japan Bashing era of 1988-96 in the USA, the Whaling is PR mess. If someone bribes the jury they at least sit through the trial and pretend they are worried about the verdict.

Making bold unilateral steps are part of being a "normal nation" as Akira Chiba would say. Yes the US still ignores the near-universal Kyoto treaty, but then polar ice caps aren't as cute a s whales.

I am just worried about Japan winding up in an Iraq-like scenario where all of the purchased allies pull the rug out from under Japan at the first sign of scandal. Europe and Russia are content to let Iran become a nuclear ICBM nation just to gain vengence on Bush over Iraq.

Japan can't use the ethic angle IMHO. Japan is seen as a wealthy country full of salarymen, cosplayers, samurai and ninjas. Japanese eat eels, squid, pufferfish and all manner of ugly creatures Westerners could care less if extinct. You tell even the most dedicated otaku in the US that you eat cute whales and they would cry.

Westerners' hearts truly melt for starving big-eyed children living in ethnic (read POOR) villages. Japan should best outsource the ethic angle and hire impoverished Inuits South American Indians and Poleynesians. I hear many of those regions such as Tongo has about 90% unemployment. Well fed & wealthy greenpeace activists would be helpless against their "impoverished ethnicness." Considering Japan's financial influence campaign in the S. Pacific they may have already hit upon this.

I must say Japan's diplomat at the IWC is good, Greens describe him in terified awe as if Morishita were Darth Vader.

On another note entirely,

Have you ever tried to link to It is largely just a bunch of white expats covering a lot of tabloid crap about japan. However the core audience is pro-koizumi Japanophiles who take a narrow view
of some of the events in Korea and China. Defenses of Japan's actions in WWII aren't treated unjustly either. It is fairly high up in the Blog Ecosystem, which would put you very close to where big paper jounalists pay attention. Being a true japanese gives you a credibility factor others writing about Japanese politics lack.

yellowpeep: I've found a recent article from Washingtonpost:

As quoted, I nodded a lot about the typical opinions of Japanese: "Why are whales only focused on in this manner? Beef, pork, chicken are all animals; people eat them" and "To be ruled by the cultural preferences of the Anglo-Saxon world would be very difficult."

As well as Anglo-Saxon may feel very doubtful about Japan's ethic, Japan thinks the same way on that of Anglo-Saxon; Westerners had endangered whales for oil until the end of 19th century and it proves that they didn't historicaly cared whales. Their efforts up to now just look full of hypocrisy to us. The reaction a girl showed to you could be a real sympathy, but it may come from a transient ethic not built on thoughtful principles which your grandpa doesn't share.

As you told, I agree that the claim of Japan is not based on its ethic; it's just about food. Eating marine creatures is how we are, not for bragging or curiosity. I hope our activity doesn't look sin of gluttony.
So Japanese want to eat them as part of daily life whether they are rich or not, appreciating the gift from gods.

If someone asks benefit of catching whales for the world, I would say that letting only predetors alive also jeopardizes entire food chain, and this claim seems to have gained a certain understanding with repetitive statistical research. Plus, I'm optimistic about the fact that this controversial issue doesn't develop to a serious damage to the relationship between Anglo-Saxons and Japan. And it surely indicates that Japan became almost as mature as Westerners.

When it comes to other subjects, Japan has been doing well: disarmament and nonproliferation, environmental conservation, etc. Please also keep in mind that an aid in Darfour, Sudan has been supported partly by Japan. You know this aid is obviously not for vote. Japanese are getting more and more cooperative about world concerns although Western would look down on Japan as a geeky and greedy thing. And Japan already know that Anglo-Saxons have keen eyes in terms of entire world affairs, so Japan will follow Anglo-Saxons if Japan found themeselves wrong.

Whale hunting is one of few issues Anglo-Saxons could be defeated on, and because of this they show overreaction from other races' point of view, and it typically characterizes alarmist Anglo-Saxons. Just think of a situation where you are surrounded by six big allied countries whose language is French. How can you insist on your legitimacy with broken French? I'm pretty sure you never feel this loneliness. Japan is always alone.

If you really want Japan to quit whaling, you can still hang on that hope; 15% of Japanese think like yours and they have strongly protested to whale hunting.

After the discussion, I happend to run into a pic of a gravestone for whales in Usuki, Oita, a southern western island of Japan. Those gravestones have been erected since very old time to commemorate the killed whales. According to Japanese shamanism, every creature would curse you if you don't eat it with gratitude because the spirit of the creature then didn't have to be killed and its death is regretful. Requiem prayer after proper usage is thought the only way to let people alive from gods. It's a little bit related to Yasukuni Shrine, and strange Japanese behavioral pattern is sometimes based on their shamanism.

You wanna see the article of Yasukuni Shrine?