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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Whitewashing history ? ---- truth of Nanjing massacre (old version)

It is known that Nanjing massacre was caused in 1937 with 300,000 victims in Nanjing by Japanese imperial military. But do you know that it has still been seriously discussed in Japan? These days, there published increasing number of books that claims that Chinese communism party made up most of the pics to make the incident to look brutal.

As far as I know, I had seen seldom books, until 2000 written in Japanese ,that question the existence of Nanjing massacre. Most of the books simply investigated brutality of the Japanese crime until then.

I ran a search in for the books published about Nanjing massacre, finding 176 kinds of copies otbainable online. It's an enourmous number.

Surprisingly, only one book out of best sold 10 books considers it positive about the existence, while the rest of 9 are likely to be negative. One of them is even titled , "We investigated Iris Chang's book and found the manipulation of information by Chinese communism."

May be Chinese communism made up pics. I don't know. But we'll keep an eye on whether Japanese people just want to whitewash the history. Anyway, what I can say about it is that Japan is a democratic country. Let them publish whatever they want, and they'll know what should be believed. Whichever the Japanese conclusions are going to be, I'll respect the general opinions after open discussions rather than the conclusion by a dictated country.

Just as Japan, China must give citizens the right of speech and make them dispute. Otherwise, people get the wrong idea. They were taught that Chinese communism made Japan surrender, not America. And the people still believe that. How can they know if they can't access some webpages because of strict censorship.

The big difference is the freedom of speech. Notice that those rightists in Japan finally emerged after 50-year open discussion!

Look what I got! This is the best seller in Japan on the Nanjing's investigation. Since I'm living far from Japan, I ordered one copy from amazon. The book examines 143 pictures that are supposed to the evidence of Nanjing Massacre, and explains how those pics are made up by Chinese Communists. The title says "Analyzing the photographic evidence of Nanking massacre."

I'll spend several weeks to read and introduce some of them to you.
I already read some of this, and found it interesting, although I don't think all of his claims are acceptable.

The main point I want to emphasize in my colomn is the gap between American and Japanese. Look at the picture below.

This pic was taken just after Nanjing was captured by Japan in Dec. 24th 1937. Tokyo Asahi Newspaper highly publicized the victory of Japan with this pic in which kids are flocking to pick up sweets from Japanese military. The author sets out his investigation of pics with this "TRUE" pics, saying "why would they come out and pick up? Weren't they very intimidated by brutal Japanese military?"

Controversial Seoul City Hall

Newley renovated Seoul City Hall in South Korea seems a serious subject to spark a debate. The designer is accused of designing a green lawn looking like Japanese rising sun in front of the cith hall, reminding them of Japanese rule for 35 years until the end of WWII.

Wmm.. I don't know what to say. Just let them fight inside Korea. It's not gonna be long until they find themselves are way too traumatized by Japan.
In spite of being one of the most successful countries in asia, they are still suffered from the threat by Japan. I think it's time to stop being paranoid about Japan since they achieved a lot.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Raid North Korea's house

Police and National Public Safety Comission carried out raids Oct 14th in a company selling medicine which is not approved by government.
Apparently the reason is supposedly the medicine, but the background turned out to be more complicated, connected to counterfeiting American currency.

A couple of decades ago, many Japanese young skillful technicians who worked for several printing factories were kidnapped. Police suspects that the North Korea gained the technique of printing foreign currency by kidnapping those people.

The head of the medicine company, disguising himself as just a medicine seller, gave the directions to the Korean headquarters.

You may notice those guys look pretty violent. They have been living up to now with extraterritorial right without anyone's interference. If there is, abusive threat like this shouting "racism!" worked fine. So the raid this time is a very revolutional thing to us who haven't been given the right to know even who they are.

Wanna know another crime turned out thanks to this raid? See another article in 2006, issued one year later this raid. I now think this could the primary reason for this raid rather than counterfeiting money.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

East turkistan to declare independence

The site accuse communists in China of torturing Uyghur people.
At last they seem to declare an independenc of communists.

But I'm not sure if this story is true.

A girl sitting next to my desk is a chinese from those area.
According to her, the majority of that area is Chinese people, occupying 70 % of the total population. Several bus bombings took place, and it is getting severe.

Those things are hardly spoken in Japanese massmedia. It's too soon to judge for me until I collect mor news.

A demo took place in Turkey. People demand an independece.